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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Just thought I would do a quick update on Dad’s ongoing cancer treatments…

He had a port put in under his scalp last Wednesday. The procedure went well. He’s had a couple of chemo treatments put in the port. The routine for this chemo is twice a week, Monday & Thursday, for now. He’s had some ‘bad days’ where he feels rather puny and gets bad headaches. But, he’s also had some very good days.

He is continuing his chemo pill, Tarceva, and his IV chemo that is given to him about once a month.

Dad has commented a lot about how he can’t taste things anymore. I’m sure it bothers him. Todd has teased him about taking this opportunity to try condiments. Dad has never liked mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup, salsa, etc. (I come by it legitimately, except for the salsa.) We were out to eat this afternoon and Dad wanted to try salsa. What!? Dad actually ate salsa, and I think he liked it! :-) Can you guess where we ate?

Dad is having a pretty good day today. He said he has a dull headache. Steven (my brother) is in town for a few days, and my sister’s crew is going to be here for a while later this week, too. We’re expecting good times together! Yay!

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Rene said...

Praying for sweet memories to be made over the next week! Praying for God's peace and for Tim to have more good days than bad!