Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Stroller for Strolling

We have had a few days recently that have been quite nice for a stroll around the neighborhood. The whole family, Rollei included, just got back from a nice walk. We also took a family walk around my parents' neighborhood Saturday. I suggest you brace yourself for picture overload!
Todd with all his babies.
My turn.
Nathan holding on.Logan's happy face.Nathan's happy face.
The walk was filled with fabulous experiences. We were followed by a school bus. Rollei was loved on my a little girl that 'loves Beagles' and who read a book about Beagles, Shiloh. We witnessed a neighborhood criminal (he was speeding in a school zone) being addressed by an officer. And, we got to chat with one of our favorite neighbors, Jackson, before he mowed his lawn.
Exciting, huh?
Anything exciting happen for you today?

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Kathy Morisette said...

Your post makes me smile! :) Great pics as always and what a fun outing! So nice that Todd has a job whereby he can come home at a decent time where you all are able to take the stroll together in the afternoons. And, being able to be outside is good for everyone. :)