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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

All’s Well

Dad’s procedure went perfectly today.  He called me on his way home and sounded great.  I’m so thankful that it went well for him today.  He will have a follow-up appointment, then will start chemo in his new port soon.  I’ll let you know more when I find out.


I drug the boys out again today.  Doesn’t sound exciting, but we went to get my car washed.  A local place, Encino, has half-price Wednesdays.  Since I haven’t cleaned my car in over 7 months, I decided to go for it today!  The place was SO busy!  They are very good, but they are so slow, even on days when they aren’t very busy… But you can’t beat the Wednesday prices.  Anyway, I was pleased to run into some friends, during our long wait, that I got to catch up with.  It was the social highlight of my day… or possibly week!


The parts to my new computer came in today.  Todd is putting it together right now!  I’m excited.  I think Todd is more excited.


Little dudes are becoming major rolly poleys!  They have been rolling over for some time now, but it is just now becoming the thing  to do.  Logan, my little loaf, rolled over 3 times this morning when I put him on his belly to work on a burp.  Nathan, well, he is just a mover & shaker!  If he’s not rolling, he’s grabbing his toes, blowing bubbles, talking, laughing…  Of course, Logan does all of these things, too, just not with as much intensity as Nathan.  Silly boys!  It’s starting!  They are about to become mobile!  *sigh*


Still trying to figure out how to get pictures in my blogs written with Windows Writer.  Suggestions?!?


Kathy Morisette said...

All good news to hear.

Ashley said...

I totally understand your concerns about the babies becoming mobile. In some ways, I can't wait. In other ways, I'm terrified!

Wish I could help with Microsoft Write, but I have no clue. Sorry.