Wednesday, February 24, 2010

5 Months

The boys turned 5 months old on Monday.
We have been to the pediatrician twice this week, already. Nathan was seen on Monday (after we only got 2 hours of sleep) and has an ear infection. Logan was seen today and has bad chest congestion. Both are on antibiotics. Nathan slept most of Monday night sitting somewhat upright in his swing so he could breathe. Logan has slept in the swing the last 2 nights. I have been sleeping on the couch.

Nathan weighs just over 17 pounds. Logan weighs just over 18 pounds.

They eat rice cereal with a fruit along with a bottle for breakfast and rice cereal with green beans and a bottle for dinner. They have other feedings of just a bottle a few times throughout the day, too. We're introducing a new food each week. They are just growing so fast and have become so much fun. They smile, giggle, and play so much. They're just happy babies!

Dad Update:
He had a spinal tap yesterday to determine if a different form of chemo should be added to his treatment plan. They might get the results today. The procedure went well. He continues to have good days and bad days, which is expected. Today was a good day. He went out with a friend for lunch. He was up and about with energy and a happy face when I saw him today! :-) Thanks to all of you for your prayers for him, Mom, and the family. We all cherish your prayers and your friendship.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Smart & Crafty

Look at the little surprise we got in the mail today...
Mary Sue, you're not only very smart and crafty, you are also very thoughtful and generous! Thank you so much for the name bands. We love them!!

Welcome Home

After 4 days in San Antonio, Todd and I were SO happy to have our boys back in our arms!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What's up?

I've done it again... So many things have been going on that I have wanted to blog about, but couldn't find the time to sit down at the computer to do it, so now I have a lot to catch up on.
Here's what's been up around here lately:
  • My new video camera is too smart for my computer. When I upload a video, it only shows 2 frames/second. The new camera is awesome, but now my computer needs to be upgraded. Also, my computer has a virus. Two good reasons to "let" Todd build me a new computer, right? In the mean time, I have been using his laptop.
  • We went to San Antonio and left the boys at home with Mamaw and Great Aunt Pat for 4 days. It was so hard being away from them. We missed them so much! But, Todd and I had a good time in SA. He had a booth at the Texas Music Educator's Association expo, promoting the band/choir/orchestra division of his photography business. Todd does great program portraits and makes really cool composites. He got a lot of leads and very interested directors. I expect that he will be very busy in the fall. He already has several programs lined up for pictures this spring, which we were surprised by. We're hoping that this extra work will produce enough extra income for me to stay home with the boys another year. You can see some of Todd's composites in the background of the first picture. The second picture is a sample of the competition's composites. I think Todd's are like way cooler. ;-)
  • Today is cousin Jim's birthday! Happy Birthday, Jim!!! :-)
  • Sadly, Todd's (step) Granddad Dan died Friday, 2 weeks ago. We went to Ft. Worth for the funeral and stayed with Todd's mom in her new home. Dan was a nice, caring man. He always made me feel welcome. I will always remember that he was so kind to pray for us when we were waiting to be parents, when I was pregnant, then after the boys were born. He and Grandma told us that they were praying for us all the time. We miss Dan.
  • Logan and Nathan are eating rice cereal and applesauce! Logan LOVES eating from a spoon. He started sucking down the cereal from the very beginning. Nathan likes it now, but hated eating it for a long time. He would cry and cry every time I tried to feed him. His Mamaw figured out how to feed him the way he likes it while we were in SA. Way to go, Mamaw! Logan's formula is Member's Mark from Sam's. It's a huge can and only costs about $20. (They also have a Gentle-Ease formula for $23/can) Nathan still drinks Nutramigen. I put a rubber band around Nathan's bottle to tell them apart when I'm feeding them alone. I need to break down and buy name bands.
These pics are of their first bites of cereal, several weeks ago.
  • So long size 3-6 month clothes! The twins are in 6-9 month clothes now! Yes, they are still 4 months old (for a few more days), but apparently 75% babies are big! I can't get over how big they are. They were almost a month early, for goodness sake! Mom went with us to the Carter's outlet yesterday. We got some new things, but not too much. As fast as they outgrow things, and as often as I do laundry, I didn't feel like it was necessary to go over board (even though I wanted to). Here's Logan today, in one of his new outfits. Nathan matched, but spit up all over and was changed. But, it wouldn't be nice to post just a pic of Logan from today and leave his brother out.
  • Poor little guys have stuffy noses and little coughs. Nathan is a little worse off than Logan, but they are not feeling very good. Todd's not feeling good, either. I think it's the weather and allergies.
  • My sister's birthday was Feb. 15th. Happy Birthday ReRe!!
  • Grandma Bible's birthday was last week. Happy Birthday Grandma!!
  • Dad's birthday was Feb. 9th. We went out to eat with him and had a good time! Dad went in for more testing today. He is scheduled for another IV chemo treatment Friday. He is being such a trooper and so brave through this whole thing. I know he gets his strength from God and through all of the support/prayers from so many friends and family. I hate that he has to go through this battle with cancer. I think about Dad and Mom constantly.
  • Nathan is getting very close to crawling. He tries really hard. Logan is moving/kicking/grabbing/bouncing/standing more, but he's completely content to just lay flat on his back with this legs stretched out.
Nathan trying to crawl to Logan. (Please ignore my stupid commentary in the background. Thanks!)
  • Tonight, we are having chicken fried steak. That is, if I ever finish this blog and get up to cook. :-)