Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Does he really NEED it?

He's obviously excited about it...
It's in a huge box and Rollei's interested too...

A new photo printer! Yay for him! It can print up to 17 inches wide. Just what the photography business needs. Right?

And now on to color choices:
I am leaning toward the one on the far left. Todd likes the one or the far right. The bottom middle one is too dark. The middle one is too light. The top middle one is a mix of the lower 2. The block on the right side of the picture is also the mixed color. I know each monitor is different, so it's hard to tell the colors unless you see them in person.

Friday, November 14, 2008

New Car! Well, new to me!

We bought me a new (to me) car. Yes, that means a new car payment right after we just finished paying off Todd's car. But with a plan, we will have this one paid off quickly!! I'm finally excited about it. It's pretty. Silver. Bigger. Comfortable. Mercury Mountaineer.

I like it.