Monday, July 30, 2007

The end is near! (of summer, that is)

I got the official call from one of my fellow team members that most of us are going up to the school to prepare our rooms. So, bright and early this morning (about 10:00), I was there ready to work. After sitting around chatting way too long, then taking a much needed lunch break (probably another hour doing that), I finally started to make some headway.

Here are a few of my team members... They're ready to work, too. After chatting and lunch, of course.

This is a picture of part of my classroom before I started working. Notice all the junk piled ceiling-high?

TA-DAHH!! This is a pic of part my room after I messed it up more! The pile to the ceiling is not as bad, though. And I got all of my shelves and desks where I want them. Even started to load the shelves up. The computers are hooked up, too.

There will be more visits up to the school this week to hopefully finish setting up. The goal is to have things ready, but still have a few more days off before we have to report for inservices.

It's hard to post without at least a picture or Rollei or Todd. Today you are lucky, as I got a pic of them together. These two really do enjoy the "dog days" of summer!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Our BIG "vacation"

I guess this will be a post mostly of pictures...

I finally got to meet my brother's girlfriend, Virginia. We all went out to eat at a "hole-in-the-wall" Mexican restauraunt. Had a great time. I'm especially glad to have Dad and Steven back in the states.

A few days later, Todd and I left for our big 4-day vacation to Abilene. Very exotic, I know. We were excited to help Cary, Ron, K1 & K2 move from their old house to the "new house". We worked really hard moving stuff and painting some rooms in the old house to get it ready for renters. Cary's crew and Mom and Dad left Sunday morning for their Vegas trip. While we were in Abilene, we had some time to visit with friends. Todd hung out with this photography mentor, Tom. I got to spend great time with Jayme. Love spending time with her. I can't believe we let 2 years go by since I saw her last.
While we were in Abilene, some family came over to visit one night. One relative is a foster parent. She brought over her current foster baby, so needless to say, he got passed around. I thought Todd looked pretty good with a baby in his arms.
Can't leave Abilene without a picture of the girls...
Also can't leave without visiting the ACU bookstore. Here are our new wares...
Todd went to a benefit garage sale and purchased a small TV to put in his studio. He got a great deal, but I didn't want him to have another thing that keeps him in his studio all the time. This was the scene 30 minutes or so after we got home.