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Thursday, March 18, 2010

10 Thoughts

1. I want to go to Payless tomorrow.
2. And Wal-Mart.
3. We worked in the yard again today. Still not finished.
4. The laundry never ends.
5. Kathy and her daughter watched the babies today while Todd & I got out for a few hours. :-)
6. We wanted to be in bed by 10. Ha!!!
7. We found that laying mulch is a good job for the neighborhood kids that want to help.
8. Although it's wonderful, Spring Break is too short and it's just a tease for summer.
9. Dad had a treatment in his port today and will have an IV treatment tomorrow. He's never had them back-to-back, so I'm praying that it's not too hard on him.
10. Rollei gets by with "no-nos" when we're gone. (But he got some love, so I don't care.)
Thanks for coming to take care of the twins with your mom today. It was great to meet you and chat for a while. Rollei loved your attention, too!!

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