Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Conversation with a Mom of Twins

Believe it or not, most of this is spot-on!  But, they left out "your hands are full"!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Zoo

The boys got to go to the zoo today!  This is the third trip to the zoo that Aunt Pat and I have planned, and the first one to have actually work out!  This time, we went for a weekday (Pat even took a day off work!) and we were actually able to find parking!  The boys are really into identifying animals and their sounds, so I was excited to see their reactions to the actual animals today.  We’ve talked for days about going to the “zoo, zoo, zoo” and about the animals we would get to see.
The day was overcast and a nice, comfortable temperature.  It worked out to be a fantastic day to spend outside.  DSCF4463
We got to see so many exciting animals: elephants, lots of birds, fish, monkeys, lions, bears, giraffes, etc.  I loved watching the boys take it all in.  
We took a little break to eat lunch.  I knew our time would be slim after lunch, since they would be due for a nap.  DSCF4469
We headed out to find the Children’s Zoo with the petting zoo.  The petting zoo (goats) ended up being the BEST exhibit for the twins.  Nathan was ecstatic to run around and pet/brush goats.  It was a perfect replay of the Livestock Show for him.   DSCF4479
I’ll help you clean up…DSCF4487DSCF4493DSCF4499      
Logan was very hesitant, again.  He cried and resisted being put down for a while, but I was convinced he would warm up to it.  I was right!  When he discovered that he could hold a brush and use it to touch the goats, he was fine… and funny!  He has a group a ladies stop watching their own kids to watch him… and laugh at his ways. 
Not happy about this!DSCF4486
A brush makes thing better.DSCF4504
2 brushes makes things GREAT!DSCF4510
I’ll help clean, too.DSCF4489

When we left the zoo, we headed straight to Mamaw’s house.  Naps didn’t really happen in the car as I had hoped.  They maybe got about 15 minutes of sleep.  Anyway, we usually meet up with Mamaw and some other friends on Wednesday nights to eat before church.  (More on that in a future post)  We had a little time to kill when we arrived at Mamaw’s, so we spent some time in her garden.  Mamaw let the boys pick a squash, some black-eyed peas, and some tomatoes. 
There’s 1 beautiful yellow squash in that basket.DSCF4518
Pick a pea?  Huh? DSCF4521 

We didn’t make it to church tonight.  Supper took too long, and the boys were losing control after such a long day and practically no nap.  We came home and rushed to the bath.  Some of us rushed a little faster than others.  In fact, one of us couldn’t wait to get his clothes off before he leaped in.  Luckily, I got his shoes off before his feet slid in behind him. :-)  Oh, Logan, you are so silly!DSCF4536

There are no words for how much fun the boys are at this age.  They are learning so much and are just intrigued with the smallest things.  I am in awe of them and their silly ways!  What a great, full, exhausting day!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Any holiday is essential to blog about if you’re a blogger.  Even if you’re like me, and some holidays are not always played-up, it still seems necessary to document that you did, in fact, exist during that moment in history.  Notable events, the things the twins do, and everyday happenings are all things I want to remember, which makes them my blogligation.  So, when the twins are older and look back on this blog (which I plan to print into books), they will not criticize me for missing a beat… Like they’ll really notice, or even care.  Or look at the blog books, ever.  Anyway, the point is, some blogs are blogligations… and I’m sure they’ll find something to criticize me about! Ha!.  But, I happen to love blogging, so the term “blogligation” is used in the most positive way.

Easter (Way too many pictures ahead.  Proceed with caution.)

We had a lot of things going on Easter weekend that required us to stay close to home.  Most of my family was out of town. We went ahead with our regular Sunday routine to get to church.  I taught Cradle Roll that morning and we went out to eat.  As soon as we got home, the boys went down for their nap.  Aunt Pat came to spend the afternoon with us and arrived just as the boys woke up.  We let the boys dig in their Easter baskets that I filled mostly with little trinkets to play with at church. 

We dyed their Easter eggs together, which was fun.  FYI, a little rinse of OxiClean and water makes for easy dye removal from hands.IMGP8854IMGP8857 IMGP8883 IMGP8892 IMGP8898 IMGP8900 IMGP8906 IMGP8910

They had a little snack while we waited for the eggs to dry and for Todd to scatter them in the yard.

IMGP8928 IMGP8930 IMGP8931 IMGP8933   

We had an egg hunt a church a week before.  They were all plastic eggs filled with treats/candy.  So, when they hunted their eggs this time, they opened the plastic ones in hopes of finding more treats.  I think they were a little disappointed to find them empty.  They both tried to open the real eggs… Nathan ripped 2 of them up.  We did all of this pretty quick, so the eggs were great for their breakfast for the following few days.IMGP8942IMGP8948IMGP8944

We didn’t get a family picture this Easter.  We were in rush mode all morning and weren’t dawning new Easter attire, anyway.  All of these pictures were taken after nap and in our round-the-house clothes.  And, I just need to say, it’s nearly impossible to get any decent pictures of them at all, let alone together or with their baskets.  These boys are on the move.  And fast.

Mother’s Day

My brother was in town, so he and Mom joined us for church, then we all went to lunch at Zio’s, as Steven’s treat!  YUM!  We had a nice time together.  The boys have gotten pretty good at eating out, which makes times like this quite pleasant.  The rest of the day was good and normal.  Nice naps were had, moods were good, and we all just had a nice day together and got some work done, too.  Todd ordered me some good ceramic knives I have been wanting and I’m anxious for them to arrive.  They will be this year’s Mother’s Day present.  Anyone have an extra Mother’s Day card laying around that the boys can give me?  Photo_F23221CE-1FBC-2B76-D53F-0F052F02ABDC Photo_C72B2F42-72E2-FBAA-998F-428A54B1B10C Fuzzy…sorry.

The thing about Mother’s Day,  to me, is that being the mother to the cutest, most precious, funny twins on the planet is my absolute pleasure.  I am so blessed by them every day.  They are my joy.  To be celebrated for doing the job of mothering is wonderful and appreciated.  But, on this Mother’s day, it was really my celebration and awe over the gift of having them as my children.  It was This Mother’s day to celebrate.