Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cheerios Overboard

Nathan snatched the Cheerios box off of the table.  They had fun playing and eating for a long time! :-)Fall 2010 001Fall 2010 002Fall 2010 006Fall 2010 004

He Dropped His Pants!

I had just gotten the two ready for bed.

Then, after trashing the diapers, I returned to find this.Fall 2010 018

Logan, where are your pants?Fall 2010 020

You silly boy!   Sweet dreams, you two!Fall 2010 022

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Breaking All the Rules

Because of the boys’ routine, if I have to make appointments to be somewhere, I usually make them for 2:00.  They had an appointment to get their hair cut today.  We ran out the door at 1:45, drove into rain, then I remembered that their appointment wasn’t until 4:00.  Okay, that’s great because we were going to be late to the appointment if it had been at 2:00.  Since we were already on the road, I decided to head into town to pick up a few things.  Yes, it was raining and I’m down to a cheapo single stroller, but I was determined. 
We went to Best Buy to find a wall mount for the TV in the playroom.  The cheapest one I could find was $70.  Nope.  Walked out empty-handed.  Actually, I was not empty handed, since I was carrying Logan and pushing Nathan in the stroller. 
Next, we went to Bed Bath & Beyond.  I had a little time to kill and I thought I might find some curtains for the playroom.  This is where the rule-breaking started.  BB&B is pretty cramped.  It was near impossible to push the cart (where I put Nathan) and push a stroller (Logan).  I gave up.  I folded up the stroller and put it and Logan in the cart.  Oh, and I never buckled Nathan.  I didn’t end up buying anything there, either.Fall 2010 008 I have been trying to get to Ulta for over a week.  By this time it was pouring.  Didn’t stop me.  I didn’t use a stroller this time.  I made Nathan walk and I carried Logan.  Not a good idea since Nathan wanted to break away to explore.  I was after just one item located at the very front of the store.  I made the purchase very quickly, carried both babies out to the car (while both checkers watched in shock), then headed to Taco Cabana to reward my efforts.  I do that a lot: reward my efforts.  More than I should.  The leftover Halloween candy stash has been getting smaller.
My phone has been doing a weird thing with the screen lock/unlock button.  I decided to go by Verizon to get it fixed real quick.  This is where my rule-breaking gets bad.  I parked in a handicapped spot (yes, there was another one available for actual handicapped people), left the kids in the car, and ran into the store.  I had the Verizon guy stand at the door with me so I could be as close as possible to, and see, the car.  I feel pretty guilty about that one.  I’m “that mom” that left her kids in the car.  (Okay, Todd wants me to add that I was just 10 feet away from the car.):-/
After all of that, it was time get gas and head to the boys’ hair appointment.  The boys sat in the chair by themselves.  They did absolutely great.  No fussing.  It’s like they’re old pros at getting their hair cut.Fall 2010 013
Fall 2010 021

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I K E A And the Case of the Missing Stroller

I have been going crazy tripping over baby toys day in and day out.  I hate the feeling that my house is never actually clean because of the mess of toys.  I always feel like I’m tripping over a toy, baby, gate, or dog.  So I finally decided that we need a playroom more than we need our guestroom.  I found a storage system that I thought would work well in the playroom at IKEA.  It’s the Trofast system.  So, we changed out car seats and rode with Mamaw in her Suburban to IKEA.  Fall 2010 1091


Wow!  IKEA is an experience!  It’s like being herded through a museum!  The place is huge.  It put me into major sensory overload.  I tried to stay focused on just finding the Trofast system, although taking everything else in was fun, too.  We found what I needed, learned that we needed to write what we wanted down, then learned how to pick up our items in the self-serve warehouse.  


After we got through checkout with our loot, we found out that we could not take the cart into the parking lot.  So, I took the kids to the car while Mamaw waited with our cart at the loading dock.  I hurried about to get the kids loaded and the air going, since it was hot, then went to the dock.  The loader guy did a haphazard job of loading, so I jumped in the back to fix the mess.  All the while, I never realized that the trunk was missing one vital item: the stroller!  wasabi

Yes, I forgot to load the stroller into the suburban when I loaded the kids in the parking lot!  On top of that, I didn’t even realize it was missing until the next day!  I was so distracted by a completely new shopping experience, being in a hurry, getting everything/everyone loaded, and changing out car seats that I made a big mistake and lost my stroller.  I called IKEA the next day and they did not have it.  Mom even called and she got the same answer.  So, someone is playing “finders keepers” with my Combi Twin Sport in Wasabi green.  I feel so stupid!

I did a lot of research before I bought my beloved stroller because I knew I needed something that would last, and was also affordable.  I didn’t want to buy a piece of junk that I would have to turn around and replace.  Well, I have ordered a new one (and Wasabi green is no longer available.  I’m getting Indigo instead).  So much for not wanting to end up buying two strollers. :-( Let’s just hope I won’t need to buy a third!

Last picture taken of the boys in their stroller at Ikea.Fall 2010 1096

As for the playroom: it is in progress.  I bought paint and hope to paint this weekend.  I still want to buy curtains or a valance and maybe a few things for the walls.  I hope it turns out okay, but, hey, it’s a playroom.  It’s going to be a mess!  Pictures when it’s done.

So far this week, I have lost a stroller (I consider it stolen, though.  Taking something that doesn’t belong to you, even if the item is unattended, is stealing!  I automatically assumed someone would turn it in.  I think people are honest.), been stung by a bee, and spilled a can of paint on our driveway (more to come on that). 

Sunday, October 31, 2010


I last-minuted Halloween this year.  Actually, I last-minute a lot of things, especially Halloween, all the time…. But, here’s what we ended up with.

I had a couple of costume ideas for the boys, but the one I really wanted needed to be made.  I couldn’t find them to purchase anywhere.  Since we all know I’m not the greatest or most efficient sewer, and I wasn’t willing to make the time to sew, I just bought these little costumes for the boys at Sam’s for less than $10 each.  Hey, they matched!  I’m still not sure if they are crocodiles, dinosaurs, or Godzilla.  I know!  A PAIR OF CROCS! Hahaha! :-)crocs   As for the picture, we take what we can get… *sigh*.Fall 2010 034

We’ve had the pumpkins to carve for over a week, at least.  We carved them this afternoon.  I thought they turned out pretty good.  Honestly, I wasn’t very excited about standing in the kitchen to scoop out and cut up yet another food item.  I feel like I’m in the kitchen cutting food up all the time.  I’m glad we did it, though.   Fall 2010 023Fall 2010 054Fall 2010 053 

We took the boys trick-or-treating.  We just walked the street and visited with a few neighbors.  One neighbor was giving out little bottles of bubbles.  I’m going to put them in my purse for use in case of emergency.  By the way, Rollei went trick-or-treating with us.  He was a pumpkin.  He will always be a pumpkin. :-)Fall 2010 036

Mamaw and Timpa dropped by for a quick visit to see the boys in their little costumes, too. Fall 2010 045

The quantity of trick-or-treaters seemed to be down this year.  We have tons of candy left over.  Todd is going to take the extra to school to give away.  Goodness knows we don’t need it here!

I just want to throw out major kudos to Todd for being Superdad tonight.  You may have not been in costume, but cooking dinner for all of us, feeding the boys, and being all-around great (I was handing out candy) was, and always is, much appreciated.  I love you, husband!

Hope you all had a very fun Halloween!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

This evening, we enjoyed a quick trip to a local church that has a little pumpkin patch.  One kind lady offered to take a family picture for us.  Fall 2010 001

Mr. Camera Man (Todd) took the rest of the pictures.  Logan was all smiles, while Nathan was mesmerized watching other kids run and play.




We had a really good time, but were in a hurry, as usual.  We lost light pretty quickly, too.  I’m glad we went and look forward to going again next year!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

12 Months Old

I’m sure you will all forgive me, and I will forgive myself, for posting the boys’ 12 months post so late.  I’m just glad to get it posted at all. 

Fall 2010 057

Fall 2010 051


Weight: 25 lb. 8 3/4 oz. – 75-90th percentile

Length: 31 inches – 90th percentile

Head Circumference: 48 cm. – 90th percentile

Fall 2010 072


Weight: 24 lb. 1 1/4 oz. – 50-75th percentile

Length: 31 inches – 90th percentile

Head Circumference: 47 cm. – 75-90th percentile


This month the boys…

  • Eat only table food.  But, I feed them better than I feed us.  They eat fresh veggies and fruits, beans, etc. (Favorite treat is frozen grapes)
  • Drink whole milk and water from sippy cups.  No more bottles!
  • Wear size 4 diapers.
  • Wear size 18 month clothes.  They still wear some 12 month in pants.
  • Wear size 6 shoes.
  • Still don’t walk, but continue to cruise.  They will stand alone, some.  They walk holding just 1 finger (this is new news for Logan).  We’ll get there when we get there.
  • Still sleep all night.
  • Hate taking baths.  They don’t mind the water, but hate being washed.  They stand up and try to climb out of the tub.
  • Love going for rides in their wagon.
  • Enjoyed their first birthday party and liked their first taste of sweets: their cake!
  • Are hearing “no!” more than ever.  They have started yelling/grunting/screaming at me.  I’m trying to get that under control with stern “No!s” and tapping their mouths.  Mean old Mama!
  • Went to Abilene for the 2nd time and participated in some ACU Homecoming activities (parade, chapel).Fall 2010 012 Fall 2010 023 Fall 2010 033
  • Nathan intentionally drops food from his tray to feed Rollei.
  • They are playing with toys with more purpose, rather than just chewing, shaking, or pushing them.  They know where objects go to make the toy work.  They like to put mixing bowls on their heads.DROID 206
  • They are talking with more purposeful sounds rather than just babbling. 
  • Nathan tries to sing along with me sometimes.  He bounces (dances) and claps a lot.
  • They are total Mama’s boys.  They reach for, and cling to me over pretty much anyone else.
  • They usually still get 2 naps a day.
  • Logan had his first allergic reaction, probably to Penicillin.  He had polka dots for several days, but is back to normal now.Fall 2010 010
  • Logan likes to play the “Put my finger in your mouth, but you can’t catch me” game.  (He’ll put his finger real close, then move it away quickly when you pretend to bite.)
  • When they hear “Let’s go change diapers”, they stop what they’re doing and follow me into their bedroom.

Monday, October 4, 2010

First Haircuts

We finally got the boys’ hair cut this past Saturday.  We wanted to wait until they were a year old.  I guess it’s a little sad that the baby curls are gone, but I like their new ‘little boy’ less disheveled look.

We went to the Hair Barn, where I get my hair cut.  The owner, Nikki, is also a mommy of twins.  Hers are 5 year old boy/girl twins. 

Last look at Logan’s long hair.

Fall 2010 007 

He sat perfectly still the whole time.  Such a sweet, cooperative little guy!Fall 2010 012

Group shot.Fall 2010 017

Last look at Nathan’s curly locks.Fall 2010 022

The curls falling…Fall 2010 027

He sat still for a long time, but got antsy near the end.  He wasn’t scared, just ready to move.Fall 2010 034

I’ll put up “after” pictures with their 12 month post, which is only a week late.  I’ll get around to it. :-)

They Saved the Day!

I woke up feeling pretty sick this morning. :-(  I knew that the way things were going, I wouldn’t be able to care for the twins.  So, what’s a sick mommy to do?  Call her mommy!  I knew Mom had an appointment this morning and wouldn’t be able to come over for several hours, but she sent Dad over to help.  Dad was great!  He fed the boys their breakfast, changed Logan, and played with them while I went back to bed.  Mom arrived for a shift change before lunch.  By this time, I was feeling much better.  I even got out to run errands while Mom stayed with the boys.

Thanks, Mom & Dad, for your help! 


I think most everyone knows this by now, but Dad got some very encouraging news from his doctors at M. D. Anderson recently.  The Malignant Meningitis (cancer in his spinal fluid/brain) is no longer being detected on tests.  This is unheard-of!  So, Dad is continuing his IV chemo every-other week, and he still takes Tarceva (chemo pill), but will no longer get chemo in his Ommaya port!  Amazing!  Praise God!  Prayer works!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It’s the Little Things

When I rock a baby, I pat-pat their little hineys.  Am I alone in this?  No?  This morning I was rocking Logan for a nap and Nathan came over and helped soothe his brother by pat-patting his hiney with me.  It was soooo cute! :-)

The other day, when we were out with the wagon, the neighbor boy (age 5) came to chat with us and took the boys for a spin around the cul-de-sac.  He spotted his mom driving into their driveway and ran off yelling “Mama!”.  Logan loudly, and clear as a bell, responded with his own “Mama!!”. 

We’re done with bottles and formula!  Hallelujah!!!  The boys are just using sippy cups to drink whole milk and water. 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Windows Live Writer

Sorry about the random posts today.  The last one was a test for Windows Live Writer.  Looks like I finally got it to work after trying for many, many months!  Yay for me!  It should make blogging easier and much less time-consuming.  Not such a big deal for you.  But, if you have tried to use Windows Live Writer to blog and keep getting an error 403 message, I know how to fix it! :-)

Testing, testing

Words, words, words


Fall 2010 017-1


We had the boys' first birthday party this past Saturday. Their theme was blue, green, & orange polka dots. We had hamburgers and hot dogs. Here are some pictures of the event...

Just before the party...
Granddad (Todd's dad) was the grill master. Julia (Todd's sister) was a great help in the kitchen! Thanks guys!

Cake time!