Sunday, July 6, 2008

Paint the House: Exterior

Here's Todd getting his new sprayer ready to work. Todd's the official painter this time.
My job was to roll out of bed... and tape. (This has to be the first picture ever taken of me as an adult without make-up on!)
And tape, I did. Those doors took for-ever! Todd didn't like waiting, so as you can see, he went around me. Notice the gutters? We had power washed and bleached them, and they were still black with stains.
Climb up. Spray. Climb down. Move ladder. Repeat.
We finished the whole house in just one day. Todd rocked with that spray gun. Todd got me this docking station for my MP3 player for our anniversary. It was nice to have some music to work to. Since my player is not an "I Pod" (It's a Sansa), we lovingly call it my "Pseudo Pod"
AFTER: (Excuse the grill.)
Our work on this project is still not done. I still have to paint the down spouts. Todd needs to mount the new house numbers.