Thursday, May 27, 2010

8 Months (last week... oops!)

At 8 months old, both boys:
  • have a tooth!
  • scoot all over the place!
  • babble, laugh, cackle
  • went to Sulphur Springs for the third time
  • went to their first graduation ceremony (Cousin Lyndsi - salutatorian!)
  • eat almost anything, except avocados, and they're just warming up to chicken
  • do not like to be on their backs. Diaper changing is no easy task!
  • love Rollei! They get so excited when they see him, and reach out for him!
  • interact with each other.

Time to baby-proof?!?In other news...
I WON! Remember the wallet? I got it in the mail about a week ago and I absolutely love it! It's perfect for the envelope system that we use.

Todd's cousin, Phil, and his wife, Melissa, just welcomed boy/girl twins into the family. They were born early, at 31 weeks, and are in the NICU. They are doing well! :-)

The boys' 8 Month video that I posted on facebook has been uploading to this blog all morning. Really, I started it at 8:00 and it's almost 3:00 now. Time to call it quits... I'll try a different route later.

Hope to see many of you THIS SUNDAY for Mom & Dad's 40th Anniversary Celebration!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Bug Bash

Sunday, we went to the 20th Annual Monumental Bug Bash at San Jacinto. Dad goes nearly every year and usually takes a VW with him to show. This was our first time to tag along, and I'm glad we did.
We checked out almost all of the 175 VWs that were there, ate a picnic lunch under the trees, and just enjoyed the day. The weather was perfect!
Dad had fun talking to others about his car and their cars. He's well know in the VW crowd as "Dr. Vintage", and not for no reason!
I think the boys had a good time, too. They ate lunch, then played on a quilt under the trees until they got a little fussy and Mamaw put them to sleep. I think they were very impressed with the cars, too. :-) All 4 of us wore our Bug Bands and stayed bug bite free. Next time, I will put sunscreen on the boys, too. Nathan got a little red on his arm. I got red, but am glad I can prove that I was in the sun!
We rode on a ferry on the way home. This was Todd's and the boys first ferry ride!

Oh, and one of the best parts of the day, aside from having good family time, was that Dad won "Best in Show" with his '52 Split! Way to go, Dad! So totally awesome!! He gets to add this cool trophy to his collection! :-)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Brought to you by the letter S...

Sunday, my first Mother's Day, was great! Before we left for church, Todd and the boys gave me 2 cards (one from them, one from him) and 2 pair of silver James Avery stud earrings. Todd chose studs so that the boys have less to tug on than my hoops. One pair is hearts, "to represent the love", and one pair is roses, so he could "give me flowers that will never die". How sweet! Several friends and family gave me cards, too. (Thanks very much!) We had plans to go out to eat after church, but my brother, Steven, was in town and ended up grilling steaks for everyone at Mom & Dad's house. The whole day was extra special!!

I ordered some things for the boys and have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of these new items. Finally, the UPS man delivered the shipment of loot yesterday...

Our new STROLLER!! Yay! I did lots of research, got opinions from twin mommies, and took a test-drive at Babies R Us, then ordered a COMBI TWIN SPORT! So far, I love it! I would list the pros, but will spare you the long list and just say that when Nathan fell asleep in it today on our walk, it totally paid for itself!

Since the babies in this house have some fat feet, I have a little difficulty finding shoes that fit. I ordered these Robeez sandals that will, hopefully, go with everything and last through the summer. I really like them!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

An Invitation

The children of

Tim and Rhonda Drachenberg

cordially invite you
to join with family and friends
in celebrating their

40th Wedding Anniversary

On Sunday, the thirtieth of May
two thousand ten
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm.

To be held at the home of

Mike and Paula Drachenberg:

Please email me at natjoacu {at} hotmail {dot} com for the address.

No gifts please.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lofty Weekend

Todd has been so busy with his photography and Senior portraits this year! On some Saturdays, I've needed to get out with the boys so he can do a photo shoot, a proofing, or just let him catch on processing, editing, printing, and ordering without being bothered. The business is all-consuming this time of year!
So, in an effort to get out of the way, we got to spend last Saturday with Aunt Pat at her new loft! She hasn't furnished the place the way she intends to yet. We had a great time playing with the boys and enjoying the awesome view! We went out to lunch and went by 3 Brother's Bakery for a few loafs of rye bread. We could have gone to the zoo, but I think that will work out better another time.
Here are a few pictures from that day...

Nathan, Logan

Friday, May 7, 2010

Hasty Haircut

Todd was free Tuesday afternoon. My hair was pretty long (for me) and my favorite hair lady is by appointment only, and about 30 minutes away. Not easy to schedule with the boys. Anyway, there's a new, nice place just down the road that I ran to as a walk-in that afternoon. Can you guess where this is going?...

I asked the receptionist if they require an appointment. She assigned me a hairdresser that was available. We went back to her station and I tried to describe what I wanted. She just agreed. Didn't say much. Washed, started cutting, then I started to realize that this woman DOESN'T UNDERSTAND ENGLISH! Seriously, she only spoke very broken English. She was primarily Spanish-speaking and obviously had no comprehension of my description of what I wanted or anything else I tried to say.

The cut was nothing like what I asked for, except for the approximate length. In fact, it looked just like the cut I had when I was 10 years old, only poofier!

Is it unreasonable to expect that, in a profession that is dependent on clear communication and understanding, it would better serve the customer if the employee could speak and understand the customer's language; especially if it is English... In America!?

In the end, I scheduled an appointment with my regular hairdresser, didn't leave the house for 3 days, and finally got it fixed today. I paid for 2 haircuts in one week, but I learned my lesson. I'm considering writing a letter to the first place about this, but don't want to come across as hateful or prejudice, which is not how I feel or want to be.

What are your thoughts?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Good News About Dad

As you all know, Dad was diagnosed with Malignant Meningitis a while back (cancer cells in his spinal fluid). He has had chemo placed directly into a port under his scalp (Ommaya) twice weekly, then it was changed to once weekly. He recently had additional testing, specifically to determine the effectiveness of this treatment, and found out today that the "brain doctor" is very pleased with the outcome of the treatment! So pleased, in fact, that he reduced the Ommaya to biweekly treatments!

Recently his IV chemo treatment needed to be changed. He was getting a chemo that was administered just once a month. They changed the IV chemo drug, and he now receives this new treatment once a week for three weeks on, then one week off.

He continues to take his chemo pill, Tarceva, daily.

Dad has been in very good spirits and has been having many good days with energy and a hearty appetite for food. It seems like every time I call, he's busy!

We are so thankful for all of your support as Dad goes through this cancer journey. As always, thank you for your prayers!

**Please stay tuned for a celebration invitation!**

Super, amazing, wonderful, delicious, easy-peasy Chicken Enchiladas!

If I take the time to cook something, you can believe that it will be quick, easy, and generally only require ingredients that I have on hand.

This recipe fits all the above requirements, but it is also very yummy to boot! :-)

Chicken EnchiladasIngredients:
2 large cans of white chicken. (I used to be opposed to canned chicken, but it's actually not bad. Sam's has a great deal on it, too. Five cans for $10! I love Sam's!)
1 brick of Cream Cheese. I use the 1/3 reduced fat.
1 small (or 1/2 of a large) onion, chopped.
1 can chopped green chiles
1 can Green Chile Enchilada Sauce
about 10 soft flour tortillas
Grated Cheddar cheeseSaute the onion in a little oil until almost translucent.
Add the green chiles.
Strain (& I rinse) the chicken.
Add the chicken to the pan and warm through, making it slightly browned.
Add in the whole brick of cream cheese.Mix & melt.Stuff & roll.
Cover with Green Enchilada Sauce.

Cover with cheese. Yes!! :-)
Oven: 350, about 20 minutes or until the cheese looks melted just the way you like it.Yum, yum, yum! Only about 2 hours until left-over lunch. Can't wait!

The Home Economics department at Todd's school made this and served it to the staff. I demanded the recipe after I tasted the left-overs that Todd brought home.

Monday, May 3, 2010

My View

While Logan was napping, Nathan and I played in the backyard. Well, he played with toys in his pool (no water), in the shade, while I tried to catch a few rays on the deck.

Nathan with one eyebrow up, just like his Daddy.

My view. The chair with a citronella candle, a baby, and Rollei's tail. Fun times.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Wiped Out

I've wanted to do this blog for a long time. I think it is so funny when the twins fall asleep on their own in weird places or under strange circumstances. Not to mention, it's less work for me when they go to sleep on their own. This is a sampling of pictures that go back a few months...

Today, right after a walk. (Logan)

Hanging arm. This was before they moved all over while they sleep. (Nathan)
On our visit to Great Great Aunt Valentine in Taylor, TX. (Logan)
Right after a bath. Never mind that Logan was laying right next to him and screaming. (Nathan)
At Chuy's after church. (Logan)On that note, I'm glad to report that both boys have gone to Bible class and have slept during worship (in the auditorium, in our arms) 2 weeks in a row! Yay!

Extra cuddles before we left for the San Antonio trip. (Logan)
After a walk. (Nathan, Logan)