Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Port

Dad has recently been diagnosed with malignant meningitis.  His IV chemo and Tarceva do not get enough chemo to his brain and spinal fluid.  Therefore, he needs another chemo treatment that will target his spinal fluid.  He is having a port placed under his scalp on the right side of his head tomorrow morning.  The plan is to have chemo inserted into this port every other day.  He has been informed that the procedure to place the port is not a major surgery.  He has chosen to be sedated for the procedure.  He should be able to go home tomorrow after the procedure.  The actual chemo treatment through the port on his head is supposed to be "very well tolerated". 
This makes three forms of chemo Dad will be taking.  I know I say this every time, but we so appreciate all of your expressions of care and so many prayers that are lifted for my mom and dad.
On a completely different note...

Nathan and Logan are doing great!  Dare I say that the days at home alone with them are getting… easier?!  Nathan was rolling over on the floor tonight, so many times, when I was trying to change his diaper and put his on his PJs.  Logan rolled over in his crib this afternoon during his nap.  It is so much fun to watch them, make them laugh, hear them talk, etc.!  Logan says “aaaa….goo!” over and over.  He has so much to say, it all just sounds the same.  Nathan says “ooo, ooo” and does a little muffled scream when he talks, which is almost all the time.  They are both very smiley and happy babies. 

The 3 of us did a little Wal-Mart shopping today.  We were a sight to behold, of course.  It’s funny to see everyone staring, but pretending not to.  I pushed their stroller with my left hand and pulled the cart behind me with my right hand.  It went surprisingly well. 


Does anyone use Windows Live Writer?  I thought I got it to work, but apparently I only got it to halfway work.  It will only upload text.  If I add a picture I get an “error 403 restricted”.  Do I need to save or access my pictures a different way?  Right now they  are saved and accessed through Windows Photo Gallery.  Any suggestions?

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Shannon said...

Enjoy! Soon they will be walking and climbing stairs and emptying cabinets like Reese. Fun Times!