Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It’s the Little Things

When I rock a baby, I pat-pat their little hineys.  Am I alone in this?  No?  This morning I was rocking Logan for a nap and Nathan came over and helped soothe his brother by pat-patting his hiney with me.  It was soooo cute! :-)

The other day, when we were out with the wagon, the neighbor boy (age 5) came to chat with us and took the boys for a spin around the cul-de-sac.  He spotted his mom driving into their driveway and ran off yelling “Mama!”.  Logan loudly, and clear as a bell, responded with his own “Mama!!”. 

We’re done with bottles and formula!  Hallelujah!!!  The boys are just using sippy cups to drink whole milk and water. 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Windows Live Writer

Sorry about the random posts today.  The last one was a test for Windows Live Writer.  Looks like I finally got it to work after trying for many, many months!  Yay for me!  It should make blogging easier and much less time-consuming.  Not such a big deal for you.  But, if you have tried to use Windows Live Writer to blog and keep getting an error 403 message, I know how to fix it! :-)

Testing, testing

Words, words, words


Fall 2010 017-1


We had the boys' first birthday party this past Saturday. Their theme was blue, green, & orange polka dots. We had hamburgers and hot dogs. Here are some pictures of the event...

Just before the party...
Granddad (Todd's dad) was the grill master. Julia (Todd's sister) was a great help in the kitchen! Thanks guys!

Cake time!



Monday, September 27, 2010


Todd and I got the boys a wagon for their birthday. We hope to get a lot of use out of it. My little helpers and I put it together this afternoon.
The weather was so nice today, so we went on a walk.
We also stopped at the park and played a little while.
Todd has been sick all week and completely out of commission. The boys have been teething really bad and have icky noses and coughs. There were a few days this week that fussing went on full-time and I wanted to pull my hair out by the 4th day. Party planning and the usual everyday grind, along with all the sickness made for a stressful and busy week. All of that to say, this walk was extra wonderful! :-) Oh, and the boys loved riding in their new wagon.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

1 Year Ago

In about an hour from now, one year ago today, Logan and Nathan were born. I love looking back at the pictures from the days in the hospital, so I thought I would share some of those to reminisce.

Meeting Logan, Baby B, born first. Didn't get to meet Nathan since he had a little trouble breathing and they had to whisk him off. I was so very drugged. Todd said I was "in and out" after my doctor got irritated that I was feeling too much so the anesthesiologist broke another ampule.

Nurse tapping Nathan's back to improve his breathing. They also gave him a feeding tube for a little while. I remember when they wheeled me in to meet the boys, straight out of recovery, when I saw Nathan I said that he looked hungry. I don't remember if he had the feeding tube in at the time, but they disconnected all his wires and allowed me to nurse him.

Little laid-back Logan. Just perfect!

Dr. Munos showing off Nathan. That crying face... :-( Goodness, he cried so much his first month. Colic. But, isn't he just precious?

Together with Mommy! (Logan, Nathan)

Do I look scared, drugged, and low on iron, or what?! Ready to go home!
Day 4, about to go home, and I'm an emotional wreck!
Our wonderful nurses insisted that Todd get a ride, too.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Completely Oblivious

This time 1 year ago today, I was exactly 37 weeks pregnant with two baby boys that I could hardly wait to meet. My house had been appropriately nested for their arrival. I had filled the freezer with homemade meals. I was huge and a little slow, but I don't remember being horribly uncomfortable. I had decided that after waiting to become a Mommy for so long, I didn't want to complain about any changes or discomforts I may encounter with pregnancy. Luckily, I only had a few minor discomforts, but I was so blessed with an easy and healthy pregnancy (for me and the babies).
My doctors decided that carrying past 37 weeks was unnecessary, so the night of September 21st I checked into labor & delivery to be given a medicine throughout the night that would get things going. The next morning I was given Pitocin. I don't remember much about the timing of things that day. I was not in pain. I was having contractions (big ones, apparently), but I didn't feel them until later in the day (but then I barely felt them). Long story short, I did not progress like Doc wanted. We cranked up the Pitocin many times, I got an epidural, Doc broke Baby A's water, but I still didn't get past 5 cm. I think we were at least 15 hours in before it was decided that we gave the "natural" way a college try, but needed to go for a C-section.
I was so swollen! (Look at my foot.)

So serious!
Up until this point, Todd and I were completely oblivious as to what having twins would do to our hearts and lives. We continued to anxiously wait for their arrival.....

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Swinging & Eating - Not at the same time.

Todd built a swing set for the boys. It's nothing fancy, but it's strong, and I'm sure the boys will enjoy swinging on it for many years to come. And, when they're finished with it, we'll just have to hang a swing for us on it.
Here are the guys trying it out for the first time this evening.
They love to swing! I think Todd finished it in perfect time, since it's a little cooler out and we have fewer mosquitoes as of late. The plan is for me to stain the frame. We'll see...
I have been working harder on serving the dudes more finger foods. Logan has finally refined his pincer grasp enough that getting food in his mouth is more deliberate than haphazard. So far, we have served them carrots, squash, green beans, avocado, scrambled eggs, peas, broccoli, bananas, and the standard Gerber puffs, etc. Nathan will eat pretty much anything. Logan's current favorite is broccoli.Tonight's supper: broccoli, scrambled eggs, avocado, followed by oatmeal and a bottle.
These are my favorite photos of the night. (And I took them with Todd's fancy camera!)Rollei loves the leftovers, and I love that he is ever-present to lick up the mess.