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Monday, March 21, 2011

Bugs Outside

Todd was working outside and the boys were determined to be out there, too.  Unfortunately, circular saws and toddlers don’t mix.DSCF4251

Todd and I have been taking a few of Dad’s VWs out to drive recently.  The weather is nice and they’re fun to drive around.  It’s also good to take them out every once in a while to keep them running.  This is the 1971 Bay Window bus.  DSCF4273

  L & N love to pretend to drive the bugs.  They are in the Bay, here.DSCF4264

We have also borrowed the tan 1967 beetle.  This one is my favorite to drive; it is easy to steer and Dad added AC to it!  I drove this one in high school (before he added AC)  for a while, too.  Okay, Todd was behind the professional camera on this shoot with Logan and I think all of the pictures are too good.  I couldn’t narrow it down.  Ha!  He needs to do a shoot with just Nathan soon.  And, I don’t currently have a picture of the whole car… sorry. :-(IMGP0920

IMGP0834 IMGP0840 IMGP0846 IMGP0851 IMGP0869 IMGP0909 IMGP0914-2 

That’s my handsome boy!!!

**It’s apparent that I need to learn how to use Todd’s cameras!  The difference between these pictures is huge.  And, he’s talented that way…


Snack Time

Usually the boys prance around with their snack cups and continue playing while they eat, but on occasion, they will rest their little legs and willingly sit down.

This little table was made by their Great Grandpa Drachenberg many years ago.  The chairs are super old and nicely broken in, too.  I like having little items with family history.  I know I got plenty of use out of this set when I was little. :-)DSCF4241-1

In their playroom watching… Barney.  Can I just say, it is getting harder to limit their TV time to only 1 hour anymore?  They love that big purple dinosaur!DSCF4225

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Livestock Show

One of the boys’ friends, Wyatt, told us about the fun he had going to the livestock show.  He recommended that we go there, too.  So, on Wednesday, we did!  Mamaw, Aunt ReeRee, Uncle Ron, and cousins K1 & K2 joined in, too. 
Our drive downtown was pleasant and relatively short.  Finding parking in an open lot proved to be an hour-long, frustrating challenge.   After many grumbles, we finally made it.  We were told there would be a tram to take us to the ticket booth, but there was not.  This was just the start of our day full of lots of walking and waiting.  The line at the ticket booth took forever.  We got in, bought and ate lunch, then headed to the AGventure for the kids.  Luckily, the weather was fantastic, so the long walk wasn’t miserable.  Again, it was so very crowded and the lines were so long that we didn’t get to see much.  It ends up that we were there on value day.  Kids got in free, which is what led to the massive crowds.  I found out there were about 2/3 more people that day than on regular days.  Lesson learned. 
Uncle Ron ended up being the pusher and keeper of the stroller for the day; a big task in itself!IMGP0933
Luckily, the boys got  to pet goats and sheep, watch chickens hatching, and look at cows and pigs.  Nathan loved the animals!  He darted fr m one animal to the  next and patted each one while making the animal’s sound.  There was no holding him back.  He was in heaven!  Logan hated it!  He did not want to touch or get too close to any of the animals.  He cried.  We got him to warm up a little, and he finally touched a baby goat, but he didn’t like it.  It’s so funny how their personalities are vastly different.
Logan – not too sure about this… IMGP0982
Nathan jumping on!IMGP1005
Logan liked watching the chickens hatch.IMGP1020 (2)
Headed home.  We were DONE.DSCF4247
Notes for Next Time:
1. Make sure to not go on value day because of the crowds.
2. Bring our own food.  $15 for a hot dog, fries, and a drink was not worth it!  (Our funnel cake was worth the splurge, for sure!)
3. Old Mac Donald’s farm is a viable alternative. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A New Baby

Our sweet friends, Christian & Michelle, just welcomed their son, Jackson Atticus, into the world Monday night.  I got to go meet him Tuesday morning.  Awwww, man, holding a tiny baby is just the best!  He is absolutely precious and such a blessing!  Don’t you agree?IMG_20110315_115853

I took the boys with me to meet Jackson, but they were not allowed on the unit since we’re not family.  Christian and his mom graciously stayed with Logan & Nathan in the waiting room while I got to visit with Michelle and hold Jackson. 

After our my visit, it was past time for lunch.   It was a gorgeous day, so we ate at the picnic benches at Culver’s.  IMG_20110315_124830IMG_20110315_124822IMG_20110315_124808   I love spending these wonderful Spring days outside with my little weeds. 

Going Out…


Outside! IMGP0604-1

Logan’s favorite book is Inside, Outside, Upside DownInside outside upside downHe’ll find that one book in a pile of books, bring it to me, and plop in my lap to read it, repeatedly.  He even recites parts of the book.  It seems he has learned a lot about “going out” from the book!  Silly Logan.  He loves to go out Rollei’s doggy door.  Nathan has done this, too, but it’s really Logan’s obsession, which we find to be very funny.  We have to catch him fast, though, because he could easily topple down the make-shift concrete steps.

Aren’t his little short overalls cute?  Their Aunt Julia made them!  We love them, Julia!  Thanks for sharing your talent and spoiling your nephews with these adorable little outfits.  I just wish they could wear them longer.  Tell your nephews to stop growing so fast.  Maybe they’ll listen to you!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pow Pow Power Wheels!

Our street comes alive with kids playing, burning off energy after school around 4:00.  There are usually 7 or more kiddos out with all their toys just having a great time.  Lately, the boys get giddy over going outside to play.  In fact, Nathan’s first words when he wakes from a nap are usually “shoes, outside!”  We usually start off in the back yard to swing, but recently, we have been going to play with the neighbors more.  The neighbor kids are very gentle and loving to the twins.  It’s really fun to see them interact. 
Apparently, the rules of the street are that all toys are shared with everyone.  Kristen plopped Nathan on this 4-wheeler Power Wheels like it was his to use.  I asked if it belonged to her, to which she answered, “no, it’s Collin’s (a different neighbor’s kid), but we all share toys, so it’s okay.”  I asked Collin (a young 4-year-old) if it was okay for the boys to use his toys.  He acted surprised that I was asking for permission and quickly said, “yah!”
See all the kids in the background?  So fun!  Colby is laying on top of the Cozy truck.  Ohhhh… boys!!!  As a side note, Colby is a rough-and-tumble Kindergartner who is totally crazy about Nathan.  He always runs up to Nathan and asks for a hug.  Nathan gives him big, tight hugs.  I usually have to suggest that he get a hug from Logan, too.  ;-)IMGP0635
Go Logan! IMGP0658-1