Monday, September 8, 2008

So Much to Say

So much has been going on around here since my last post. I'll try to keep things brief.

1. Grandma D., after being diagnosed with aggressive lung cancer (never smoked) and a several-week stay in ICU, died Friday, August 15. I can't even begin to describe how special a person she always has been to her whole family and many friends. I have many fond memories from distant past to recent that will always be a treasure. Most recently, this summer before she was very sick, I had the chance to stay with her on 2 separate occasions. For one, Todd was out of town, I went to pick blueberries with some school friends, then decided to load up Rollei and head to Grandma's house to make blueberry muffins and stay the night. We had a really special time together, just the 2 (well, 3 if you include Rollei) of us. For the first time, she got out her book of poems and shared those with me. Today, at school, I read the book "Love You Forever" to my kids. I have never had a problem reading this book before, but, as it talks about rocking a child that grows up, and in turn the child rocks the parent when she becomes old and sick, I couldn't make it through the end of the story. I had to trade classes with another Kinder teacher so she could finish it for me. Grandma loved to rock. She has many rocking chairs in her house. Before she died, she told me I could have one of the chairs that she rocked her babies in whenever I wanted to take it to my house. I took it after she passed and have it in my living room. I love sitting in that chair. It fits me and always makes me think of her. This is a picture of that rocking chair in my living room.

2. School started!! My class this year has been great already! I have never had a group that, even at the end of the year, can work in centers so quietly, clean up so neatly, walk in line with such good manners, and listen in lessons so well. (Although some classes have come very close! ) We have fun, but then when it's time to be serious, they are. I'm really excited about how things are going to far, and I hope they keep up the good work. I am so proud of all my classes (past & present)... they each have their own makeup and personalities. It's fun to be a part of the kids little lives. And I just melt with those big, tight hugs at the end of the day. About hugs: A funny story... One of my little girls, on Friday of the first week, reminded me many times throughout the day that I need to give her an extra tight hug at the end of the day because she was going camping and I would miss her. I did give her a big hug. How sweet is that? :-)

3. Rollei got a dog door! I know, "big whoop", but for us, it is! We can finally leave him out of his kennel if we are gone for several hours in the evenings and not have to worry about him being locked up too long. He still stays in his kennel during the day. It's what he's used to and likes. He goes to his kennel without being told as part of his morning routine. Anyway, life is a little easier for us, and Rollei is a little more free. Good for both.

4. Todd's Mom, Sister, niece, and nephew got to come for a visit a few weeks back. They weren't able to stay long, but we had a good time just hanging out. Also, about Todd, his photography business has been getting busier. His number of HS Seniors increases each year. He really likes doing the photography... school is another story this year, but he's adjusting and will do well, as always.

5. The Office starts back on Sept. 25, 8:00, NBC. I'm beyond excited. I can't wait to see an episode where I don't know what happens next. I bought the Season 4 DVD on the release day, Tuesday last week. I even took a special trip to Target after school to get it! I would really like to have a premier party, but we don't have much seating in our living room. Would that hold anyone back from coming? I can bring in chairs. Whatcha think?

6. I finally got to visit Nikki in Tennessee this summer. Took the trip with my dad. We had the best of times! She was about 8 months pregnant when I visited, but now she and her husband have welcomed a little girl, Julianne into their nest. Congratulations!! And I'm anxious for pictures!
Traveling with Dad...And his incredible sense of style...

7. Todd's Birthday! He got some really cool presents, but I don't think he enjoyed any that I gave him as much as the handmade birthday cards from my nieces and Chick-o-sticks!

8. Oh, and we went to an Astro's game, too. Not the greatest picture of us... Oh well.

I guess I'll stop here. Sorry everything is out of order, but that is the norm for me. I probably left a lot of things out, but will catch up next time. I hope the beginning of the school year has been good for all of you.