Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Wallet

This is my wallet. (Actually, it's a pic from the website where I purchased it) I bought it from Dave Ramsey's store a few years ago. It has served me well. I bought it because it has envelopes for our budget categories, but the paper envelopes are very delicate. Also, after using it for so long, it is showing it's wear.I found this wallet, that has dividers to be used for envelope system budgeting. The tabs are plastic. I want one. This is the website.
And, with a little luck, I could win one! And you can, too, if you click and enter here!

Does he really need it?: Part 2

Remember this?
Remember how I thought this huge printer was beyond Todd's photography needs?

Can you guess what I think about this?
Yes... Apparently a bigger printer is better for larger prints.
Maybe 44-inch wide prints will suffice for a while.

Logan held his bottle by himself today! Go Logan!
I forgot to mention in the 7-month post that the boys have started "kissing". Logan was the trendsetter for it. (I'm glad, because it seems like Nathan has done almost everything else before Logan. Logan did smile first, though.)

The boys love spending time outside. We are hanging out on the deck more often these days. It's lovely outside.
Which twin is this?
Say 'HI', Nathan!Graco Twin IPO
We are in the market to acquire a new double stroller. I have searched, read reviews, asked personal opinions, etc. Strollers are expensive, though, and I don't want to make a big mistake and waste money on something that won't hold up or will be uncomfortable for the boys. One of the things I'm not happy about with the stroller I have now is that there is no place for the boys to rest their heads. If they lean, their head flops out of the stroller. I have looked at the "City Mini" (but it's $$$), the Graco Twin Ipo (not as expensive, but doesn't look near as comfortable, and I have a Graco I'm not thrilled with {although it was great with the infant seats}), and the Combi Twin Sport (which I heard is pretty good). Do any of you have any suggestions or comments that can help lead to a decision? I know that there is not a "perfect" stroller, but it will be used a lot and I really want a great bang for the buck!!

Combi Twin
City Mini Double
So... Whatcha think?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Flashback

My bitty babies! Look at those skinny legs! Does it hurt to grow so fast?!
Logan, Nathan

Saturday, April 24, 2010

7 Months

Our little dudes are 7 months old!!

Both of the babies this month are:
  • Sitting up
  • Sitting in restaurant high chairs
  • Reaching to be held
  • Teething
  • Eating lots of food
  • Starting to drink water from sippy cups
  • Starting to lift their bodies to assume the crawling position
  • Wearing 12 month clothes
  • Wearing size 3 diapers
  • Laughing
  • Blowing & clicking


Logan has been twisting his tongue. He flaps his arms and hits the side of his body when he's irritated; usually when he doesn't want to eat any more.
He has a happy, pleasant disposition. He is much more active now, but not as busy as his brother.

Nathan has been doing some new, fun things, too. A switch turned on a few days ago and he started babbling. Mostly, he says "da da da da". It's so cute! He clings when he is held and is easily startled. He also discovered that he likes pacifiers.

Here they are in some high chairs...

Mamaw took me and the boys to visit Great Granny and Great Grandpa. We had a nice few days visiting and playing, and being loved.
Great Grandpa got on the floor to play. Great Granny did, too, but I didn't get a picture.
But sometimes, they got fussy and restless, so guess what we pulled out of our little bag of tricks...

Baby Einstein!!
Even though Cousin Lyndsi is sooo busy with the end of school, she found time to drop by to visit, too. Great Uncle Tony came, but alas, no picture this time...
Granddad had a birthday, so we went out to eat with him and Kay to celebrate.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Right Now

  • Having the boys at church yesterday was so much better than last week! Of course, part of that could have been due to the fact that Mamaw & Timpa surprised us and came to KW. Mamaw rocked Logan to sleep in the cry room. I had Nathan. We even went to Sunday evening class, which was great!
  • Todd is very busy with his photography right now. We're right in the middle of HS Senior Portrait season. He had 2 photo shoots Saturday and another appointment Sunday. He's quickly getting completely booked through May!
  • We took the boys out to find some bluebonnets for the quintessential babies in bluebonnets picture, but couldn't find any. Suggestions? There is a little patch near us, but it's on private property.
  • Having the boys on a 4-feedings/day schedule has been great! They eat at 8 (rice, fruit bottle), 12 (veggie, fruit, bottle), 4 (bottle), & 8 (rice, veggie, bottle).
  • Their chewing/teething is intensifying! Chew, chew, chew some more!
  • Is it bad that I need to run to Sam's but I just don't want to? It's a beautiful day, I'm dressed; just too lazy to want to pack N & L up to buy formula. I'll do it anyway. :-) (Same goes for the laundry! Ha!)
It's almost noon... Time for them to eat! Have a great Monday!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I Am Not…

As cool as a cucumber.  I would like people to think that I am calm, but when I’m pressed, I really just freeze or sometimes make irrational decisions and refuse help. 

My not being cool was probably shown best this past Sunday.  Of course, it may seem like things went worse to me than they appeared to others.  Either way the hour-long crying in stereo was horrible.

And now, for the “foot in mouth” part of my blog:

Our church has a cry room for mothers only.  I completely understand and respect the reasoning behind it being just for women.  As a mother who nursed, I understand wanting a little privacy.  In fact, I didn’t want anyone around while I nursed!  But, as you can imagine, having 2 babies at once changes all the rules.  It changes parenting rules.  Dad has just as much of a role in caring for a baby as Mom does.  It’s not easy. 

I knew that there is a separate room for men that had a changing table.  I was unaware, though, that that room is actually another cry room with a window and a rocker, too!  And, thanks to our very ‘on-top-of-things’, and thoughtful Children’s Minister, Shannon, that room will also have audio soon!  Yay!  Todd can help me in a cry room when I need him!  We could even take turns.  Oh, I hope this makes going to church a little easier.


***And as a disclaimer…
*Our boys are good, happy babies.  They are very good in their schedule and routine.  They do not cry much.  Some days are harder than others, but most days are very good and I manage them just fine on my own… and I really enjoy doing it.  But, when we are out of our routine and away from the resources we have at home, it can all fall apart.  Hence: Sunday.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend

Before church...
The boys got their Easter baskets filled with Cadbury eggs (for their Mom & Dad... ha!), sunglasses, books, and small, quiet church toys.
I'm sure church was great, but for me, it was a nightmare!!! (The quiet church toys didn't work.:-)) The boys 'lost it' before the sermon even started. Now, I didn't expect to actually stay in the service, since that has never happened with them, but I didn't expect things to go as badly as they did. It was their nap time. The nursery was not the place to put them to sleep (too loud). The cry room is only for women. I took both babies in the cry room with me and sent Todd back to the auditorium. That way, at least one of us could get something good out of being at church. Both boys cried (screamed) the whole time! Other mothers tried to offer wisdom/help, but I was at my absolute end. About 10 minutes before it was over, I just picked them both up and ran out to the car. I was nearly in tears myself! I hate that Todd can't go in the cry room to help me. Fathers should be able to train their children, too, and the hall isn't good enough anymore. End of rant.

After church...

Ride a little horsie (Nathan)