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Saturday, March 20, 2010


Logan is sick.
We went to the doctor this morning.
He has an eye infection and possibly a sinus infection.
Doesn't he look just pitiful?!
He's not eating much; just about 3 ounces per feeding.
Does this look like $100.99 to you?
Full price, it is that much.
Luckily, we have fabulous insurance, so it only cost us $72!
Don't even get me started! Grrrrrrrr!!!!!!!

On a little happier note....
Here they are playing together {kind of} last night.
Yes, Great Granny... He's sitting up! :-)

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The Hams said...

Oh I hear you about the medicine!! We've gotten two meds for the twins that were $300 each! I almost had a stroke at the Pharmacy counter and Abby's eye drops last week cost $80, isn't it just crazy?? Hope you're little man is all better soon =)