Monday, September 28, 2009

More Pictures

Not much time to blog. Actually, not much time to even walk in the computer room and turn the computer on! We're very busy loving on our Nathan & Logan.

Here are more pictures for your viewing pleasure...
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From top left, clockwise: Logan & Nathan together; Nathan; Logan, Mommy, Daddy & Logan; Me waiting for the Pitocin to work; Dad, my sister, Mom & Me waiting. My sister flew in and surprised me!

Family of 4! Bottom right: Aunt Cary & Great Aunt Paula love on the boys...
In the hospital from Tuesday to Friday... Finally going home! Top right: The best, happiest, most gracious nurses on the planet! We were well cared for.Home. Top Right: Timpa feeding Nathan.
We are doing really well at home. The boys are on a good schedule and sleep pretty well between feedings. We went to the doctor today and she said they are just perfect!!
Our hands are VERY full. We could not survive this without help right now. My mom has been staying with us and has been an amazing support to us.
This week, some church members have been supplying us with food. We are so lucky to have a church full of servant hearts. It's a great feeling to be blessed by their Christian love.

And now... Off to sleep... For about 1 hour, until the next feed.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful family! So glad you have so many helpers. I would love to help in any way I can, just let me know.
I am so happy for you!

TwinsanityMom said...

Hang in there, sleeping gets better. ;) The boys are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Wish we were there to help...the pictures say it is time for a baby fix!! Let us know if we can help supply any goodies. Love, MS and Foy

Amber said...

You got some great pictures! I always look forward to your Monday posts, but I'm sure your schedule has changed quite a bit. I'm so happy for y'all and glad things are going smoothly :)

Anonymous said...

Both babies look sooooo precious! You all look like one big happy family. The pup looks a little curious!!!!! Can't wait to see them.

Lori Stone

Anonymous said...

You make a wonderful family of four. So glad to hear that everything is going good. Wish I were there to help you guys out with the little ones.:)
I am so excited for you and can't wait to meet Logan and Nathan.
Love Ya,

Holly said...

Congratulations! What gorgeous babies! :)