Tuesday, September 22, 2009

All Hooked Up

Todd slept a great 8 hours on the couch here in the hospital.
I slept 4 hours not so comfortably.
Induction has started.
I'm still feeling pretty good!

My mom and dad are here. My sister, flew in from Abilene and arrived safely this morning, despite a flight cancellation last night and delays today. I didn't know she was coming until last night. It's a nice surprise to have her here!

Most of the gang just left to get something to eat. I will continue to just eat ice.

Things are going well so far. So, my only request is that my body continue to respond favorably to the medications and their intended purposes. I appreciate you all checking in and It's really neat & encouraging to know that so many are praying for all the good to happen today.


Lucille said...

We're there with you Natalie. How lucky those little boys are going to be!! God is sooo good. Hope you have EASY sailing. Love you.
gg and gg Bible

Anonymous said...

Nat, so glad Cary was able to come, in spite of the weather. Hope things move quickly for you! We are watching the phone and the blog! Love, Foy and MS

Nicole Davis said...

I was at the hospital this morning for a test. I wish I had had time to go up and say hello. Good luck! So glad Cary was able to come.

Anonymous said...

Glad you are doing well. I have been praying for you all day. Glad Cary was able to come. Good Luck!
Love Ya,

Anonymous said...

Glad all seems to be going well. Can't wait to see the two precious miracles from God. Congrats again to you and Todd. Will continue praying for you all. Good luck and see you all soon.

Lori Stone