Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Progressing Slow

This is Nat's sister:
The doc just came by and is telling the nurse to crank up the meds to help induce the contractions. He will make a decision (c-section) about 5:00pm if they have not been born by then.
Nat is in great spirits, no pain meds needed now and she is laughing/joking around.
More later when we know more...


Anonymous said...

Had been checking the computer to see how things were going. Praying that whatever needs to happen happens soon!!!


Anonymous said...

Checking in on you regularly. You and the boys are in our thoughts and prayers. Hang tough, and the drugs are worth it! -- Kimberly Simmons and Bobbie Rasco

Lucille said...

We're watching....Rhonda, check your e-mail for info on Linda.

Jana said...

Oh Natalie! I'm so proud of you! No meds so far is great. Not that meds are bad...heaven knows...I was so glad when I finally got mine! :) We love you and are thinking about you.