Monday, September 7, 2009

35 Weeks

35 Weeks seems to be going well...
The specialist was pleased with their growth at last week's appointment. Mom came with me -- she had never seen an ultrasound before. The babies, of course, hid their faces.

Spoiler Alert:
Doc doesn't want me to go past 37 weeks. That's just 2 weeks away! As of Friday, Baby B was 5lb. 5oz. and A was 4lb. 8oz. The non-stress test went well. We've just been blessed with another week of all good reports and growing babies! Yay! We're getting very excited to meet them.

I am not having an energy burst, but I am going on a cooking & freezing frenzy. I just feel like I need to have some meals ready to eat. I made 2 Poppy Seed Chicken casseroles and Chicken Tortilla Soup tonight. I need to go to the store in the morning for more ingredients, then plan to make Chicken Spaghetti and King Ranch Chicken tomorrow. If I have time, I'll start on the casseroles containing hamburger tomorrow, but that will probably happen Wednesday. So, that explains the picture of me at the stove.

Since the babies could come any time, I decided to force Todd to install the car seat bases in my car. I have also forced him to watch a baby care video and disc 1 of 2 of a childbirth video. That has been real torture for him so far. I have about 3/4 of the way packed a bag, and (this is for Grandma B.) my hair is washed daily! Ha!!

I am changing the poll on the right sidebar since I gave you some spoiler info... So, please, go re-vote!

Dad is doing really good. It took a day longer than expected to get his medicine because of insurance & shipping. A prayer was answered, though. The medicine (Tarceva) is covered by insurance and will only cost Dad $75 out of pocket for a 3 month supply!! He has not had any side effects so far. Things are looking good for him, praise God! Please keep praying that this medicine is the answer for the management of his cancer and that he does not need any more aggressive chemo or other treatments. Also, please remember Mom and that any burden and worry she may have be light.


bcstark said...

You're looking GREAT! Glad things are going well, and how great about your dad's medicine being covered.

Shannon said...

Don't forget to go light on the peppers and onions if you are going to breastfeed. Wow, 2 more weeks! Yeah!

Julia said...

Are they still talking about c-section, or do they think you could do it the natural way?

Amber said...

You ARE looking great :) You're going to have some healthy babies! I know y'all are so excited to meet them and finally get to hold your boys.