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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Getting To Know Them


Mamaw & Logan
Logan's First Spit-bath

Baby "B", born first.
Nickname: "Pirate Eye" - Coined by a nurse because he likes to open just one eye. Todd calls him Pirate Eye a lot.
I knew my baby B was going to be laid back, easy going, cool, and calm before I met him. He didn't move much while I was pregnant with him. Boy, was I right! Not much bothers this kid! He is quiet, but alert. He generally doesn't make a peep when I change his clothes or diaper. He eats well, sleeps well, poops well, and burps quietly. Although we try often, he is not good at nursing. He doesn't seem interested, even if he's clearly hungry. I guess the other hard thing about him is waking him up to eat so he can stay on the same feeding schedule as his brother. He doesn't sleep all the time... He often is wide awake just looking around, taking it all in. His face is tomato-shaped, according to his dad. He's my big boy, weighing in at 6lb 8oz at birth. At 2 weeks old today, his stats are: 6lb 11 1/4oz, 19 1/4 inches long. (10th percentile for both measurements.) Logan is a joy. We are so in love with him.


Baby "A", born second.
No nickname yet.
I knew my baby A's personality before I met him, too. He is active, strong, and a hard worker. Nathan is my little guy, but I wouldn't be surprised if he out-eats, out-gains, and ends up bigger than his brother. He's so sweet. I love to just hold him and watch his facial expressions. Oh, that cute face and how his little puckering lips just melt my heart. There is never a doubt about how Nathan feels about things. His cry is easy to come and hard to miss. It's piercing! Little dude has a hard time with his digestive system. He suffers with so much painful gas and poopies. His face grimaces so hard and turns beat red while he works so hard to get things moving. It breaks my heart that I know he's hurting; and it hurts my ears to hear his cry. His hardest time is during the night, usually around his 3am feeding. He seems to find the most comfort when he is laid chest to chest with his mommy or Mamaw. He looks like a little frog. He's my smaller baby weighing 5lb 4oz at birth. As of today, at 2 weeks, his stats are: 5lb 13 3/4oz (5th %ile), 19 1/2 inches long (25th %ile). We are so in love with him!
Brothers Together! Nathan & Logan

Todd's mom, grandma, and aunt drove in from Ft. Worth to visit the boys for a few hours, then went back the same day. It's very admirable that they would make that long of a trip to visit us. We were glad to see them.
Grandma Alicia, Great Aunt Dena, Great Grandma

Great Aunt Pat came for a visit, too!
Our neighbor kids came to peek at the babies. We have the sweetest neighbors!


Holly Lyn Whitt said...

They are beautiful. Isn't so amazing...their love, personality, even their know them. The relationship between mom and babies is so made by our awesome God. Enjoy!!

Amber said...

They're both looking good...and growing too! I'm so happy y'all have two healthy babies.

Christian said...

I think Logan looks just like his Mommy :) With Nathan, there is more of a balanced combination. It's funny how already their little personalities are completely different. And how is Mommy feeling these days? How's the stay-at-home life so far?


Anonymous said...

Nathan looks like young Eric Clapton in the face. Both boys are handsome! And there's nothing more masculine than pirates and Clapton.
Babies LOVE to lay on mommy's and grandma's chest. Julianne did. She still does. When she's fussing or not feeling well, she'll calm down when she lays on my chest. And you'll start to notice that they want Todd for playtime and mommy when they don't feel well. Babies are wonderful. Have fun, Nat.

Casey, Alicia, and Ada said...

They are PRECIOUS!! Congrats!! How are you feeling?