Monday, September 21, 2009

37 Weeks & Off We Go!!

37 weeks is full term for twins. We made it! I suppose we're as ready as we'll ever be. We go to the hospital tonight to start me on a medication that will get me more ready to be induced tomorrow morning.

It has been an interesting day for me of trying to do last-minute things at the house to prepare. I just did little things like the last load of laundry, dishes, finding homes for the things that were once small piles, etc.

Here are some pictures of our "prepared" house...

Babies' Room. I'm not the professional with a wide-angle lens, so this is as good as I can get. Their room is small.
Living Room with their swings. Notice the loafing Rollei,too.

Our room with their pack-n-play in the back corner on my side!
Since their room is so small, we have overflow in the guest room. I imagine it will turn into their play room before I know it.

Really though, the interesting parts of the day have been me going through the mental aspects and realization of what is to come. I have loved the last 6 years that Todd & I have had just being husband and wife. I know our family dynamics are changing and we will have new adventures, joys, challenges, and love that will grow, but I feel like I'm having to say "goodbye" to our relationship as I know it.

Having these babies is so exciting, scary, and amazing. What a miracle this pregnancy and been and their birth is going to be. God is amazing, and for Him to allow us to be the blessed ones is something I will never understand.

Rollei is going to have a few of Todd's family staying here with him while we are at the hospital. He has been following me around all day, then loafing wherever I am working.

So, friends, family, and blog lurkers alike: This is it! We are taking the laptop to the hospital and will update on Facebook, but mostly will update this blog as things happen. We will have a very special guest blogger: Mamaw (my mom). I hope you check in every once in a while and we'll have pictures of the babies up as soon as we can. The sooner we can take pictures of the babies, the better, if you ask me!!


Diane said...

Good luck! I am so excited for all 4 of you! Bunches of hugs!

Nicole Davis said...

Yay! Can't wait for updates.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck! I will be checking for updates. I am so excited for you and Todd and know you are looking forward to holding your baby boys!
Love all four of you!

Tim Drachenberg said...

Ok Natalie, this is it! You can do it! You and Todd are going to have so many fun-filled days ahead! NGK and LTK should be thrilled to be getting such excellent parents...lots of love going on between you four. Are you ready for the fun to begin? For sure, TimPa and Mamaw can't wait!

PaPaw said...

Natlie & Todd...Thank you so much for letting us be a part of this wonderful experience. You have absolutely been the best at sharing this very special time in your life.
All of you will be in our thoughts and prayers tonight. We will be waiting for the first update.
Uncle Chockie Kammerdiener

Joanette said...

Nat we are so excited for you and have you, Todd, and the babies in our prayers. Can't wait to see them!

Anonymous said...

I am soooooo excited about this moment. I feel like you and Todd are a part of my family. Good luck and God be with you all. Can't wait to meet Logan and Nathan!

Lori Stone

McLain Musketeers said...

Let the real show begin!!! I can't tell you how excited I am for you guys. I'll be checking for updates and look forward to meeting the boys! Good luck!

The Hams said...

I am covering you in prayer! I can't wait to read updates and see pictures of your sweet, beautiful baby boys!

God Bless,