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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Wiped Out

I've wanted to do this blog for a long time. I think it is so funny when the twins fall asleep on their own in weird places or under strange circumstances. Not to mention, it's less work for me when they go to sleep on their own. This is a sampling of pictures that go back a few months...

Today, right after a walk. (Logan)

Hanging arm. This was before they moved all over while they sleep. (Nathan)
On our visit to Great Great Aunt Valentine in Taylor, TX. (Logan)
Right after a bath. Never mind that Logan was laying right next to him and screaming. (Nathan)
At Chuy's after church. (Logan)On that note, I'm glad to report that both boys have gone to Bible class and have slept during worship (in the auditorium, in our arms) 2 weeks in a row! Yay!

Extra cuddles before we left for the San Antonio trip. (Logan)
After a walk. (Nathan, Logan)

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