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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Super, amazing, wonderful, delicious, easy-peasy Chicken Enchiladas!

If I take the time to cook something, you can believe that it will be quick, easy, and generally only require ingredients that I have on hand.

This recipe fits all the above requirements, but it is also very yummy to boot! :-)

Chicken EnchiladasIngredients:
2 large cans of white chicken. (I used to be opposed to canned chicken, but it's actually not bad. Sam's has a great deal on it, too. Five cans for $10! I love Sam's!)
1 brick of Cream Cheese. I use the 1/3 reduced fat.
1 small (or 1/2 of a large) onion, chopped.
1 can chopped green chiles
1 can Green Chile Enchilada Sauce
about 10 soft flour tortillas
Grated Cheddar cheeseSaute the onion in a little oil until almost translucent.
Add the green chiles.
Strain (& I rinse) the chicken.
Add the chicken to the pan and warm through, making it slightly browned.
Add in the whole brick of cream cheese.Mix & melt.Stuff & roll.
Cover with Green Enchilada Sauce.

Cover with cheese. Yes!! :-)
Oven: 350, about 20 minutes or until the cheese looks melted just the way you like it.Yum, yum, yum! Only about 2 hours until left-over lunch. Can't wait!

The Home Economics department at Todd's school made this and served it to the staff. I demanded the recipe after I tasted the left-overs that Todd brought home.


The Hams said...

Hello delicious!! I think that a trip to Publix may be in order this that I can make this tonight!! Yummy! Thanks for sharing =)

Kathy Morisette said... truly are a wonder! Cooking and taking pics at the same time...and then posting...very inspirational! Thanks!

Ashley said...

I make a deviated version of this recipe and love it as well! Super yummy and super easy- just the way I like my food. HA!