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Monday, May 17, 2010

Bug Bash

Sunday, we went to the 20th Annual Monumental Bug Bash at San Jacinto. Dad goes nearly every year and usually takes a VW with him to show. This was our first time to tag along, and I'm glad we did.
We checked out almost all of the 175 VWs that were there, ate a picnic lunch under the trees, and just enjoyed the day. The weather was perfect!
Dad had fun talking to others about his car and their cars. He's well know in the VW crowd as "Dr. Vintage", and not for no reason!
I think the boys had a good time, too. They ate lunch, then played on a quilt under the trees until they got a little fussy and Mamaw put them to sleep. I think they were very impressed with the cars, too. :-) All 4 of us wore our Bug Bands and stayed bug bite free. Next time, I will put sunscreen on the boys, too. Nathan got a little red on his arm. I got red, but am glad I can prove that I was in the sun!
We rode on a ferry on the way home. This was Todd's and the boys first ferry ride!

Oh, and one of the best parts of the day, aside from having good family time, was that Dad won "Best in Show" with his '52 Split! Way to go, Dad! So totally awesome!! He gets to add this cool trophy to his collection! :-)

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The Hams said...

I love high school and college I had a '76 VW Bug and my sister had a '68 times!