Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pow Pow Power Wheels!

Our street comes alive with kids playing, burning off energy after school around 4:00.  There are usually 7 or more kiddos out with all their toys just having a great time.  Lately, the boys get giddy over going outside to play.  In fact, Nathan’s first words when he wakes from a nap are usually “shoes, outside!”  We usually start off in the back yard to swing, but recently, we have been going to play with the neighbors more.  The neighbor kids are very gentle and loving to the twins.  It’s really fun to see them interact. 
Apparently, the rules of the street are that all toys are shared with everyone.  Kristen plopped Nathan on this 4-wheeler Power Wheels like it was his to use.  I asked if it belonged to her, to which she answered, “no, it’s Collin’s (a different neighbor’s kid), but we all share toys, so it’s okay.”  I asked Collin (a young 4-year-old) if it was okay for the boys to use his toys.  He acted surprised that I was asking for permission and quickly said, “yah!”
See all the kids in the background?  So fun!  Colby is laying on top of the Cozy truck.  Ohhhh… boys!!!  As a side note, Colby is a rough-and-tumble Kindergartner who is totally crazy about Nathan.  He always runs up to Nathan and asks for a hug.  Nathan gives him big, tight hugs.  I usually have to suggest that he get a hug from Logan, too.  ;-)IMGP0635
Go Logan! IMGP0658-1

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