Monday, March 21, 2011

Snack Time

Usually the boys prance around with their snack cups and continue playing while they eat, but on occasion, they will rest their little legs and willingly sit down.

This little table was made by their Great Grandpa Drachenberg many years ago.  The chairs are super old and nicely broken in, too.  I like having little items with family history.  I know I got plenty of use out of this set when I was little. :-)DSCF4241-1

In their playroom watching… Barney.  Can I just say, it is getting harder to limit their TV time to only 1 hour anymore?  They love that big purple dinosaur!DSCF4225

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KPHSKeyClub said...

Great post! Gotta love Barney!
So funny, you'll appreciate this Natalie...when Angela went for her Senior pix at Pat Guard's studio, there was a Barney puppet there. Angela used to be a HUGE Barney fan when she was little; we just couldn't resist asking Pat (and she was more than agreeable) to seeing if Angela could borrow the puppet and have Pat take a couple shots of her with Barney. The pix came out amazing!
Angela looks like she is a t.v. star with Barney.
Can't wait to show you! :)