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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Things that end with -ing

*Many of these pictures were taken months ago… Just fyi.

CleaningCookies 018

Playing in their playroomDROID 582 DROID 585

Building Fall 2010 390

ReadingCookies 011

Raking & Fighting (Notice the series of events in the following sequence of pictures…taken today.)Winter 2010 003 Winter 2010 004 Winter 2010 005 Winter 2010 006Winter 2010 011 Winter 2010 035 

LovingWinter 2010 022Winter 2010 030

Eating (with spoons)  Logan’s much more advanced at this skill.  Nathan’s a mess!DROID 562DROID 561

ColoringWinter 2010 013


Nathan tries to repeat everything we say.  He speaks very clearly.  It’s fascinating to hear so many little words come from him.  He has so many words, but most frequently says: hi, up!, Mamma, Rollei, Daddy, Mamaw, Barney, my knees, hat, apple, shoes, etc… He has recently started to call roll when he wakes up.  His little voice is so cute.

Logan doesn’t say nearly as much as his brother.  He has just started saying several words pretty clearly without prompting, such as: hi, Barney, Rollei, Mamma, Daddy, up, blue, bye bye, etc… We are getting his hearing checked, but my gut tells me there is nothing wrong.  The twins are quite different, and I expect he’ll talk more when he’s good and ready!

And… Since this is my form of a journal, and I want to remember…

I just want to mention that the boys have been pacifier-free for a couple of weeks.  This is not such a big deal for Logan, but for Nathan, it’s huge.  I just put them all away one day.  Nathan only mentioned “pa pa” a few times, but I ignored his request and we just moved on.  No fits. :-)

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