Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Going Out…


Outside! IMGP0604-1

Logan’s favorite book is Inside, Outside, Upside DownInside outside upside downHe’ll find that one book in a pile of books, bring it to me, and plop in my lap to read it, repeatedly.  He even recites parts of the book.  It seems he has learned a lot about “going out” from the book!  Silly Logan.  He loves to go out Rollei’s doggy door.  Nathan has done this, too, but it’s really Logan’s obsession, which we find to be very funny.  We have to catch him fast, though, because he could easily topple down the make-shift concrete steps.

Aren’t his little short overalls cute?  Their Aunt Julia made them!  We love them, Julia!  Thanks for sharing your talent and spoiling your nephews with these adorable little outfits.  I just wish they could wear them longer.  Tell your nephews to stop growing so fast.  Maybe they’ll listen to you!

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Julia said...

Yay, I am so glad they are getting to wear them! But the boys are what makes them so cute.