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Thursday, February 3, 2011

I did a Christmas Post

And I worked on writing it for days.  But, while installing a new program on my computer, I accidentally closed Writer (the program I use to compose blogs) before I published my post.  So, it’s gone!

To make things up to myself, a month later,  this quick recap will have to suffice.

Christmas Celebration #1 at Granny& Grandpa’s house:

  • Several days of relaxation, fun visiting, and yummy food!
  • First Christmas without Aunt Linda.  I missed her smiles, teasing, and joy she always brought to our time together. 
  • Twins loved opening presents.  The noisy cars and trucks from Granny & Grandpa were a hit!
  • Santa found the boys and left tricycles, DVDs, and other little goodies.
  • I didn’t bring my camera.  Todd took a few pictures, but most were taken by me with his camera, which I don’t know how to use.  Blurry results.


IMGP8364 IMGP8342 IMGP8374IMGP8394

Christmas Celebration #2 at Mom & Dad’s house:

  • A very late-night, quick event, thrown in the evening we all returned from Granny & Grandpa’s and Christmas Celebration #3 the next morning.
  • Logan slept through all of the noise and present-opening.
  • Again, no camera.  No pictures, but lasting memories of a cherished time spent together with my parents, brother, sister and her family. 

Christmas Celebration #3 at Aunt Pat’s house:

  • I spent most of my time cooking Pioneer Woman’s scalloped potatoes, wrangling kids, and playing Scrabble.  I usually don’t have the opportunity to sit and play games (wonder why?!), so I really enjoyed the opportunity thanks to Todd for spending much of his time and energy rocking Logan, and to the other family ladies who wrangled Nathan. 
  • Logan and Nathan were done with traveling by this point, and they let it show all day. :-(
  • We ate a delicious evening meal, the “kids” (including K1 & K2) got to open presents, we sang a few songs, and had a fabulous time visiting.
  • The boys had their “well pictures” just like K1 & K2 did at about their age.

IMGP0110 IMGP0201 IMGP0231 IMGP0259 IMGP0264 IMGP0283 IMGP0294

And since I haven’t blogged in forever, I may as well include my 30th on the 30th birthday info…

Todd took care of the boys for a few hours on my birthday while I went shopping alone.  I took my time and enjoyed getting a few things.  Since the whole family, expect for Steven, was in town, we all went out to Pappasito’s for dinner.  We all had a marvelous time together, and the food was delicious!  Dad got the best seat in the house: a rolling, cushioned office chair!  Todd went overboard and got me the prettiest blue topaz ring!  We didn’t get a family picture together when Steven was in town for Christmas, but we snapped these after dinner that night. 

Winter 2010 004 Winter 2010 012 Winter 2010 030

New Year’s events?  Nothing.  It was great!

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