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Friday, February 4, 2011

More About Goodbye

I guess some might think it strange to post pictures from a funeral, but I thought these pictures, taken by my sister, were great.  There was so much about Dad’s funeral that I know he would have liked. 

Flowers from his grandkids.  “Our TimPa”IMG_0218 Some of Dad’s tennis students with their rackets.  This was really special.IMG_0265The police escorts shut Hwy 59 down for several miles.  We had a very long procession.  IMG_0280 When we got to the cemetery, we moved the casket from the hearse to Dad’s crew cab to transport him to the grave.  IMG_0292  His casket spread included a vintage racket.  The little yellow, round flowers looked like tennis balls.IMG_0313 Nice view of the flowers toward 2 of his busses.IMG_0332 

The day started out gloomy and rainy.  It was a type of day Dad would have grumbled about, but as we drove from the church to the cemetery, the sun came out and made for a beautiful day; one that Dad would have loved. 

I just want to thank so many of you, again, that prayed for Dad while he battled this cancer for a year and a half.  So many of you are dear friends of his and your love and care has really shown through.  Bob Ethington, you were very dear to Dad.  He had such respect for you and I know he was honored to have you speak at his funeral.  You did an amazing job! 

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