Lilypie - Fourth Birthday

Monday, February 14, 2011


We left our little guys for 5 days to attend the Texas Music Educator’s Association conference & expo in San Antonio last week.  The boys stayed here with my mom, and Aunt Pat stayed at night to help.  Todd and I had a fantastic time getting away, relaxing in the evenings, being together, freezing to the bone, visiting with friends, walking the River Walk, eating at Casa Rio, and promoting his business.     Winter 2010 034

Once again this year, Todd has many new bands/choirs/orchestras that want him to photograph their group.  Going into this year, we were a little hesitant to take on more business, just because Todd’s already working at almost full capacity.  Looks like I will be doing more of the photo shoots this coming year.  

We had the option to print a 3rd nametag, so we jumped on that. DROID 632

I could buy 6 decent houses with the value of this cello.DROID 640

We enjoyed our time away, but missed Logan and Nathan, too.  We returned to these sweet angel faces! :-)  Yes, that is spaghetti up Nathan’s nose.  Todd's SD, Fall 2010 077Todd's SD, Fall 2010 094 Todd's SD, Fall 2010 109 **Mamaw and Aunt Pat, you two are amazing!  We are so thankful for you and for keeping the twins while we were away.  Now it’s your turn to recoup!


Kathy Morisette said...

Great pics!

Emily said...

Haha I didn't get to see Rollei's nametag! Congrats on all the business! :) I'm glad you had fun!