Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I K E A And the Case of the Missing Stroller

I have been going crazy tripping over baby toys day in and day out.  I hate the feeling that my house is never actually clean because of the mess of toys.  I always feel like I’m tripping over a toy, baby, gate, or dog.  So I finally decided that we need a playroom more than we need our guestroom.  I found a storage system that I thought would work well in the playroom at IKEA.  It’s the Trofast system.  So, we changed out car seats and rode with Mamaw in her Suburban to IKEA.  Fall 2010 1091


Wow!  IKEA is an experience!  It’s like being herded through a museum!  The place is huge.  It put me into major sensory overload.  I tried to stay focused on just finding the Trofast system, although taking everything else in was fun, too.  We found what I needed, learned that we needed to write what we wanted down, then learned how to pick up our items in the self-serve warehouse.  


After we got through checkout with our loot, we found out that we could not take the cart into the parking lot.  So, I took the kids to the car while Mamaw waited with our cart at the loading dock.  I hurried about to get the kids loaded and the air going, since it was hot, then went to the dock.  The loader guy did a haphazard job of loading, so I jumped in the back to fix the mess.  All the while, I never realized that the trunk was missing one vital item: the stroller!  wasabi

Yes, I forgot to load the stroller into the suburban when I loaded the kids in the parking lot!  On top of that, I didn’t even realize it was missing until the next day!  I was so distracted by a completely new shopping experience, being in a hurry, getting everything/everyone loaded, and changing out car seats that I made a big mistake and lost my stroller.  I called IKEA the next day and they did not have it.  Mom even called and she got the same answer.  So, someone is playing “finders keepers” with my Combi Twin Sport in Wasabi green.  I feel so stupid!

I did a lot of research before I bought my beloved stroller because I knew I needed something that would last, and was also affordable.  I didn’t want to buy a piece of junk that I would have to turn around and replace.  Well, I have ordered a new one (and Wasabi green is no longer available.  I’m getting Indigo instead).  So much for not wanting to end up buying two strollers. :-( Let’s just hope I won’t need to buy a third!

Last picture taken of the boys in their stroller at Ikea.Fall 2010 1096

As for the playroom: it is in progress.  I bought paint and hope to paint this weekend.  I still want to buy curtains or a valance and maybe a few things for the walls.  I hope it turns out okay, but, hey, it’s a playroom.  It’s going to be a mess!  Pictures when it’s done.

So far this week, I have lost a stroller (I consider it stolen, though.  Taking something that doesn’t belong to you, even if the item is unattended, is stealing!  I automatically assumed someone would turn it in.  I think people are honest.), been stung by a bee, and spilled a can of paint on our driveway (more to come on that). 


The Hams said...

Oh No!!! I am so sorry that your stroller got stolen- that makes me so mad- clearly it's a double stroller needed to tranport multiple children- come on people!!
And I am so sorry that you are having a tough week! We have been having a rough couple of weeks here and I have been pretty bummed. But the Lord has certainly been making sure that I have heard all the stories from friends who are having a hard time too and that has helped me a ton!
Praying for the rainbow after the storm!

Amber said...

Sorry about the missing stroller! I don't know about you, but I'm ready for the weekend :)

Jeannie said...

I am tired listening to the story! Don't fret too much about the stroller... it can be replaced. I am just glad you loaded the two boys! Ha

Keep writing.. I love reading about your adventures with twins!