Monday, October 4, 2010

First Haircuts

We finally got the boys’ hair cut this past Saturday.  We wanted to wait until they were a year old.  I guess it’s a little sad that the baby curls are gone, but I like their new ‘little boy’ less disheveled look.

We went to the Hair Barn, where I get my hair cut.  The owner, Nikki, is also a mommy of twins.  Hers are 5 year old boy/girl twins. 

Last look at Logan’s long hair.

Fall 2010 007 

He sat perfectly still the whole time.  Such a sweet, cooperative little guy!Fall 2010 012

Group shot.Fall 2010 017

Last look at Nathan’s curly locks.Fall 2010 022

The curls falling…Fall 2010 027

He sat still for a long time, but got antsy near the end.  He wasn’t scared, just ready to move.Fall 2010 034

I’ll put up “after” pictures with their 12 month post, which is only a week late.  I’ll get around to it. :-)

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