Thursday, November 11, 2010

Breaking All the Rules

Because of the boys’ routine, if I have to make appointments to be somewhere, I usually make them for 2:00.  They had an appointment to get their hair cut today.  We ran out the door at 1:45, drove into rain, then I remembered that their appointment wasn’t until 4:00.  Okay, that’s great because we were going to be late to the appointment if it had been at 2:00.  Since we were already on the road, I decided to head into town to pick up a few things.  Yes, it was raining and I’m down to a cheapo single stroller, but I was determined. 
We went to Best Buy to find a wall mount for the TV in the playroom.  The cheapest one I could find was $70.  Nope.  Walked out empty-handed.  Actually, I was not empty handed, since I was carrying Logan and pushing Nathan in the stroller. 
Next, we went to Bed Bath & Beyond.  I had a little time to kill and I thought I might find some curtains for the playroom.  This is where the rule-breaking started.  BB&B is pretty cramped.  It was near impossible to push the cart (where I put Nathan) and push a stroller (Logan).  I gave up.  I folded up the stroller and put it and Logan in the cart.  Oh, and I never buckled Nathan.  I didn’t end up buying anything there, either.Fall 2010 008 I have been trying to get to Ulta for over a week.  By this time it was pouring.  Didn’t stop me.  I didn’t use a stroller this time.  I made Nathan walk and I carried Logan.  Not a good idea since Nathan wanted to break away to explore.  I was after just one item located at the very front of the store.  I made the purchase very quickly, carried both babies out to the car (while both checkers watched in shock), then headed to Taco Cabana to reward my efforts.  I do that a lot: reward my efforts.  More than I should.  The leftover Halloween candy stash has been getting smaller.
My phone has been doing a weird thing with the screen lock/unlock button.  I decided to go by Verizon to get it fixed real quick.  This is where my rule-breaking gets bad.  I parked in a handicapped spot (yes, there was another one available for actual handicapped people), left the kids in the car, and ran into the store.  I had the Verizon guy stand at the door with me so I could be as close as possible to, and see, the car.  I feel pretty guilty about that one.  I’m “that mom” that left her kids in the car.  (Okay, Todd wants me to add that I was just 10 feet away from the car.):-/
After all of that, it was time get gas and head to the boys’ hair appointment.  The boys sat in the chair by themselves.  They did absolutely great.  No fussing.  It’s like they’re old pros at getting their hair cut.Fall 2010 013
Fall 2010 021

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Kathy Morisette said...

I actually was headed to Target in Humble when the torrential rains hit! And, thought about you...HOPING you weren't out it that mess with the boys...but you were! Too bad I didn't know you were so close by...I could have come to help!

***Logan looks like he is thoroughly enjoying that shopping cart ride...:)