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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I hate asking for help, but...

I need it!!
The hard truth is that I am not superwoman and I cannot care for 2 babies at once yet. So, a lot of people have offered and now I really need help to hold, feed, burp, and change babies during the day Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Any takers?
If you are willing and available, please email me at natjoacu(at)hotmail(dot)com or call if you have my number.


TwinsanityMom said...

I remember those days! I wish that we lived near so I could help. I know that this is probably not the help you need but I will tell you the way I used to feed the kids at the same time...two bouncer seats. Sit in between and bottle feeding is a breeze, plus they are inclined so it helps with gas. Then when one needs to burp you can alternate back and forth. Hang in there! I'm sure you are doing an amazing job and if you need anything email me at

Anonymous said...

I wish I lived closer and didn't have to work.:( You know I would be there in a heartbeat to help. Hang in there. I know you will get the hang of it.
Love Ya,