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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

1 Month (tomorrow)

The boys will be 1 month old tomorrow. It's amazing how time flies! It's also amazing that we're still alive! Ha! I could have never been prepared for what being a parent of twins really means. We definitely love the babies all the time, but we have learned how hard having babies really is; especially twins, and particularly one with colic. We go through a lot of trial and error, we don't get much sleep (Daddy sleeps a little more than Mamaw & Mommy), we worry if we're doing the right things for them, but we wouldn't trade them for anything!

I don't have recent weights, but I assure you, they are growing a lot! Logan is fitting into some 0-3 month outfits and Nathan is out of preemies and some newborns are getting tight.

We went shopping 2 days this week. It seems that they really like being in their car seats and getting out of the house. Pushing them around in their double stroller is a sight. I have found that shopping is another thing I can't do without help. Of course, Mamaw was there to help, thank goodness.

Logan & Nathan in their natural state: Logan's laid back, Nathan's not happy. :-( He does have happy times, I promise.
Our sweet friend, Geran, and her little boy, Garrett, came for a visit and brought us supper. So nice! Geran explained to Garrett that they were coming over to hold babies. He took this job very seriously. He asked to hold the babies; both of them! When they were taken away, he asked to hold them again & again. It was precious!!
Here are some "in the life" pictures. Yes, I got pooped on. It was gross.
This is Nathan's first bath. He has a nickname now, by the way. It's Little Red Man. Poor fella!
More visitors! Uncle Steven, K1 & K2, Uncle Ron, Patsy, & Ken


Anonymous said...

Love it!!! Thanks for posting all the pics-especially the one with the three boys. One month already-wow, it flew by! Congrats on the night of sleep and hopefully more will follow soon! Geran.

Lucas said...

Why am I not the least bit surprised that Todd wanted to take a picture right after you were pooped on? I bet he was laughing his head off! I'm happy for you guys and I'm looking forward to seeing the kids.

Jana said...

Wow Natalie! You look GREAT!! :) I'm sure you are having so much fun with those little ones (even if it is only because you are completely delirious from lack of sleep)! I can't wait to meet the little ones. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help! We are pretty good babysitters if you and Todd just want an hour or so to go get ice cream! :) I know how hard it is to leave the babies for too long...too soon!

Anonymous said...

Natalie you look great. The boys are adorable and it sounds like you are having a lot of fun being a mommy. I can't wait to see you and the boys. Get some sleep (when you can).:) Love Ya,

Anonymous said...

Nat, you look WONDERFUL. And YEA for two nights without colic. Our twins were here last weekend. You will turn around and yours will be four months old. They are actually sleeping 6-8 hours some nights. We will pray for that to happen at your house rally soon. :>) Mary Sue

Anonymous said...

Todd & Natalie,
Love seeing the pictures...cannot believe "the boys" are a month old already...they are so cute.
Natalie, you look great. Doesn't it feel good to get back in your clothes? Remember Pat & I are available to babysit!
Pat & Sharon Seely

Anonymous said...

Dear Natalie,
You are amazing keeping up with so much!
So much fun reading and seeing the pics in your update.
The little guys look like they are growing well, and YOU look great!
I can only imagine the lack of sleep you and Todd are experiencing! It does get better! :)
I have mentioned to your dad that I am always willing to help out if you ever need it. I am right in Kingwood (one child in college; other in high schoo), so helping is easy for me!
Continued good health to you all!
Kathy Morisette