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Friday, June 29, 2012

March & Move

I’ve had a few people mention the lack of activity on my blog, but when Todd told me I need to update it, I knew it’s been too long!

We closed on our new-to-us house in early February, but had workers in it for nearly a month, so we didn’t move in until March.  This Spring has been surprisingly busy for Texas Group Photo (usually, most of our accounts are in the Fall), so I was still traveling and shooting bands up until the last week of school.  This left very little time to settle in to the new home.  It seems like we’re always so busy, but who’s not?  Luckily, now that it’s Summer, Todd has been able to finish up most of the back-end work on all of our 2011-2012 accounts and we’ve been able to slowly unpack more boxes and settle into our house a little.  We love our new house and the location!  I will try to do some house pictures in upcoming posts.

We also sold our old house!  We were so blessed to unload it just one month after we started payments on our new house. 

Here are some random pictures from March…

Visiting Timpa’s grave2012-04-06_17-38-20_229

Puddle stomping2012-03-18_17-04-04_921

Discovering a worm.  Logan held it until it wiggled, then he dropped it.2012-03-18_17-44-03_219

Nathan touched it then dropped it and said “It’s sticky!”2012-03-18_17-45-06_873

Teasing with my to-be sister-in-law.  She comes with me on some jobs and makes work a joy!2012-03-23_14-27-01_21

Lunch with to-be S-I-L on the deck at Saltgrass Steakhouse overlooking the river in San Marcos makes traveling for work kind of nice, too.2012-03-22_14-59-28_711

Shopping at Sam’s with Todd.2012-04-05_19-17-51_536

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