Saturday, June 30, 2012

Bug Bash Show: Dr. Vintage’s Collection

My brother thought it would be a fun idea to take all of Dad’s Volkswagen collection to one of Dad’s favorite VW shows this year.  Steven spent a few weekends here with a couple of Dad’s VW buddies preparing all 11 to show at the Bug Bash.  Getting all of the cars cleaned up was a big undertaking!  The guys worked really hard!  One of our dear friends drove in from Fort Worth several times just to help! 

Dad had so many friends that were in his VW circle, but most of them had never seen his whole collection.  Dad usually only entered 1 or 2 VWs into any given show when he went.  Steven thought it would be great to give Dad’s friends the chance to see the whole collection. 

The show was on a Sunday, so we had a short church service at Mom’s before we headed out.  It was really nice. 

Here are all the cars ready to go in my driveway…


Several VW friends that volunteered to drive some of Dad’s cars to the show.  2012-05-20_07-53-20_7992012-05-20_07-53-56_491

Some of Dad’s VWs at the show.2012-05-20_15-08-09_8142012-05-20_15-08-26_137

I wish I had more pictures.  I think Todd has more on one of his millions of SD cards.  I’ll have to raid through those.

The VW community and judges at the show kindly awarded Dad’s collection as Best In Show.  I know Dad would be proud of that, and of Steven and his VW friends for all of their thought and work to do this in his honor.

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