Saturday, June 30, 2012

Library Time

We have gone to our local library’s toddler story time several times. 
Nathan thinks story time was made for him!  He was born for story time!  He loves to sing and dance, too.  He participates with such confidence and joy!
Logan doesn’t like to be held down, so he doesn’t so much love it, but he warms up to it the more we go.  He loves to sing, dance, and read, too; just not in the library environment.

Nathan joined the group with no pushing from me.  He saw the other kids go there and sit, then looked at me for permission, then joined right in.2012-04-25_10-28-45_985
Enjoying kid zone and browsing the books.2012-04-25_10-40-19_6362012-04-25_10-39-11_151
We got library cards, too! 

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