Friday, June 29, 2012

All About The Potty

I am currently potty training Logan.  Nathan, who has been trained for a long time now, was a complete breeze to train.  He doesn’t like to be wet or dirty at all.  Even before he turned 2, if I sat him on the potty, he would pee.  I gave him lots of opportunities to earn an M&M, and when I figured out that he knew how to get pee out at the right time, we bought him a potty watch.  I didn’t do any research on how to train, but I knew he was ready, so we just did it.  The Potty Watch was a cheap investment; it’s just a little timer that plays a song and blinks at 30-minute intervals (or whatever amount of time you set it for, actually).  I just put him on the potty every time the watch went off.  A day or 2 later, I started asking him if he needed to go every other time the watch went off.  Then, the next thing we knew, he was trained.  We didn’t even use pull-ups with him.  It was like we blinked and he was completely day and night trained!  See?  A breeze, I tell ya!

potty watch

Nathan: Gee, I wonder how much fun it will be to stand here and pee on the recliner? 2012-05-04_12-28-54_483

Underwear style. Sorry, Son, but I’m your Mama, and I can post underwear pictures if I want to.  Especially after you peed on my recliner! :-)2012-04-26_10-03-17_717

Logan, on the other hand, has not shown as much interest in training.  While I hadn’t planned to even try to train the boys until they were at least 2 1/2 (I mean, they’re boys!  And twins!), I really want them both out of diapers before they’re 3.  If you know Logan at all, you know he’s very smart and precious, but when his mind is on something else, he is not easily disturbed/distracted.  So, I decided that I needed more of a methodical approach for training him.  I happened across a video for “Potty Training 1-2-3” and went with it.  We sent Nathan to Mamaw’s house for the day and focused completely on potty training; just Logan and me.  I guess it was kind of a boot camp approach.  He got treats for being dry – not that he cared that he was dry.  He got treats for going in the potty – not that this achievement was exciting to him, either.  All he cared about was the sugary treats and fun drinks.  After many accidents and sugar highs, I decided this method was not going to work.  Logan isn’t one to tell me that he is dry when I ask.  So, I broke out the potty watch and am doing exactly what I did with Nathan.  Guess what!  It’s working!!  He’s not trained, and I don’t expect it will happen quickly for him, but we’re getting somewhere.  He woke up dry from his nap today.  He sat on his potty on his own (with his pull-up on) and tee teed then jumped up and said “yay!” 

I’ll love you forever, my sweet Logi Bear!  Doesn’t this picture remind you of that book?2012-05-03_08-27-25_395

Training Day #1.  Such a sweet, cute trainee!2012-06-26_12-36-03_269

I can’t get over cute underwear pictures!  Seriously!  They’re wearing big boy underwear!  They’re growing up so fast!

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