Sunday, September 5, 2010

Swinging & Eating - Not at the same time.

Todd built a swing set for the boys. It's nothing fancy, but it's strong, and I'm sure the boys will enjoy swinging on it for many years to come. And, when they're finished with it, we'll just have to hang a swing for us on it.
Here are the guys trying it out for the first time this evening.
They love to swing! I think Todd finished it in perfect time, since it's a little cooler out and we have fewer mosquitoes as of late. The plan is for me to stain the frame. We'll see...
I have been working harder on serving the dudes more finger foods. Logan has finally refined his pincer grasp enough that getting food in his mouth is more deliberate than haphazard. So far, we have served them carrots, squash, green beans, avocado, scrambled eggs, peas, broccoli, bananas, and the standard Gerber puffs, etc. Nathan will eat pretty much anything. Logan's current favorite is broccoli.Tonight's supper: broccoli, scrambled eggs, avocado, followed by oatmeal and a bottle.
These are my favorite photos of the night. (And I took them with Todd's fancy camera!)Rollei loves the leftovers, and I love that he is ever-present to lick up the mess.

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Kathy Morisette said...

So great that you are capturing all these great looks/moments. As you have heard and are experiencing...babies/children grow up so fast!
Hope you have hard copies of these pix...they are just great!
Bet Rollei loves having his family outside more now.