Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Completely Oblivious

This time 1 year ago today, I was exactly 37 weeks pregnant with two baby boys that I could hardly wait to meet. My house had been appropriately nested for their arrival. I had filled the freezer with homemade meals. I was huge and a little slow, but I don't remember being horribly uncomfortable. I had decided that after waiting to become a Mommy for so long, I didn't want to complain about any changes or discomforts I may encounter with pregnancy. Luckily, I only had a few minor discomforts, but I was so blessed with an easy and healthy pregnancy (for me and the babies).
My doctors decided that carrying past 37 weeks was unnecessary, so the night of September 21st I checked into labor & delivery to be given a medicine throughout the night that would get things going. The next morning I was given Pitocin. I don't remember much about the timing of things that day. I was not in pain. I was having contractions (big ones, apparently), but I didn't feel them until later in the day (but then I barely felt them). Long story short, I did not progress like Doc wanted. We cranked up the Pitocin many times, I got an epidural, Doc broke Baby A's water, but I still didn't get past 5 cm. I think we were at least 15 hours in before it was decided that we gave the "natural" way a college try, but needed to go for a C-section.
I was so swollen! (Look at my foot.)

So serious!
Up until this point, Todd and I were completely oblivious as to what having twins would do to our hearts and lives. We continued to anxiously wait for their arrival.....

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