Tuesday, August 31, 2010

11 Months

So, I'm over a week late in posting this, but here it is...

Logan & Nathan are 11 months old!
This picture of Logan cracks me up... He's sitting just like the doggy! Hehe!Here's what they're up to this month...
  • They are super cruisers! They're all over the place and into everything. I have 3 gates up, but I need one more for the hall. ;-) Nathan could walk, but refuses to let go. If I try to stand him up on his own, he collapses his legs. Logan is more meticulous, so I'm interested to see who will actually walk first.
  • They still don't want to have their formula from a sippy cup. Nathan is a little more willing than Logan.
  • They still eat baby food. Again, Nathan is better at trying table food and finger food, but Logan will gag if he is given table food.
  • Logan is our little bulldozer! He pushes, pulls, and shoves on many of his toys. He uses "baby land" like a giant walker.
  • They love to cling to our legs and use them to pull up.
  • They have chewed on their cribs. I, short on time and materials, just wrapped the top of their cribs with receiving blankets and string. It's lasted for Nathan, but Logan has exposed the wood and continues to chew.
  • Nathan is a daredevil. The kid has no fear (unless I try to make him stand "loney"). See rocking chair video below.
  • They love to look out the french door windows.
  • They are getting excited for their first birthday coming up in a few short weeks!!!
  • They both need a haircut-badly! I've wanted to cut their hair (especially Nathan's) for a very long time. My hairdresser told me to wait, and I've been told it's bad luck to cut a baby's hair before they're 1 year old. I don't believe in superstition, but I can't afford any bad luck (who can?), so we're waiting.
  • They "talk" all the time.
  • They spend most of their day fighting over toys. This has to be one of the hardest things about having twins at this age. They obviously don't understand "Don't take that from your brother!", but brother lets out a loud cry when a toy is ripped from his hand, or a pacifier is pulled from his mouth. This happens over and over all day long. Oh well.

This month has been so much fun watching them discover and become more independent. Even though they fuss about toys, they are very happy, easy babies! We just love them to pieces!!


Lucille said...

Oh, another growth spurt since the 10th month. Is it Logan or Nathan with the curls? They show very prominantly in the picture looking out the French doors. Would hate to cut them off. ha Thanks, Natalie & Todd.

Brian said...

I love those pictures! Such cute babies... and such a fun age. They look like both Natalie and Todd, a good mixture. I promise, one day I'm going to come see you guys. Don't know when, probably not this year, but one day. Love you guys,

Brian said...

I love these pictures. I love you guys. We're all doing well. I've been fine, no sickness or problems. I'm 25 weeks along. Due date is Dec. 9, IN THE COLD, YAY! I will try to keep you more updated. I'm just lazy these days.
Love you,