Wednesday, September 22, 2010

1 Year Ago

In about an hour from now, one year ago today, Logan and Nathan were born. I love looking back at the pictures from the days in the hospital, so I thought I would share some of those to reminisce.

Meeting Logan, Baby B, born first. Didn't get to meet Nathan since he had a little trouble breathing and they had to whisk him off. I was so very drugged. Todd said I was "in and out" after my doctor got irritated that I was feeling too much so the anesthesiologist broke another ampule.

Nurse tapping Nathan's back to improve his breathing. They also gave him a feeding tube for a little while. I remember when they wheeled me in to meet the boys, straight out of recovery, when I saw Nathan I said that he looked hungry. I don't remember if he had the feeding tube in at the time, but they disconnected all his wires and allowed me to nurse him.

Little laid-back Logan. Just perfect!

Dr. Munos showing off Nathan. That crying face... :-( Goodness, he cried so much his first month. Colic. But, isn't he just precious?

Together with Mommy! (Logan, Nathan)

Do I look scared, drugged, and low on iron, or what?! Ready to go home!
Day 4, about to go home, and I'm an emotional wreck!
Our wonderful nurses insisted that Todd get a ride, too.


Amber said...

It's so fun to look back at pictures. Can you believe all the changes that have happened in the past year? Happy birthday to Logan and Nathan! And congrats to Mommy and Daddy for making it ONE year :)

Tim Drachenberg said...

This made me cry. Such sweet memories and So much in such a short time! You are a wonderful mommy (Todd, too - daddy.) The little guys are so lucky and so precious, and we all are so blessed. Thanks for sharing. Love you.

Emily said...

These were sweet to look at! Thanks for sharing! :D