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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Holidays and Such

We had some great Christmas celebrations this year. We started off with Christmas day at our house with Todd's mom, Alicia, and her husband, Jimmy, visiting us. The boys got lots of goodies from Santa and Grandma & Jimmy. Mammaw and Timpa came to see the boys have their first Christmas, too.
A few days later, my sister and her family and my brother came in to have Christmas at Mammaw & Timpa's house and then another Christmas with the whole family (cousins, aunts, uncles) at Aunt Pat's house.
So... lots of family, lots of fun!

**I realized that these pictures are out of order. Forgive me, but it's staying that way. Time's limited!!! :-)
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We were excited to go out to eat with a group of friends after church today! I'm so glad to start to be able to do normal things like that again. We have been making it to church, but today we even made it to class. Though we try to not let it, the boys' feeding times determine if we make it to class at church or not. Today worked out well for class, but they were ready to eat again just as church services started. Logan cried first, and I ran out with him. Todd followed with Nathan pretty soon after. Logan ate quickly, so I was able to go back before the sermon started. Nathan took the entire church service to feed. We made it back to church tonight, then went to Subway with Mom & Dad afterward, as usual.

Dad has a follow-up day at MD Anderson tomorrow. He will have more tests run to determine the effectiveness of his chemo pill, Tarceva. So far, all of his previous reports have revealed that his tumors are shrinking. Praise God!!! We continue to pray for positive reports. He has been suffering from some irritating side-effects of his treatment, but he remains very upbeat and positive. I love you, Dad, and am always praying for your health and comfort.

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Ashley said...

Holidays are more fun with babies, huh? Glad to see you enjoyed them with your sweet boys!