Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Stealing Wordless Wednesday

"Wordless Wednesday" is obviously not my idea, but it is a good one, so I'm doing what any good {currently unemployed by choice} teacher would do: I'm stealing it! Makes for a quick, easy blog. Oops... those were words. Sorry to break the rules... Oh, I have to label pictures. I'm making my own rules!! Enjoy!

2 Months Old!

Out to eat at Chuy's with Timpa.

Getting immunization shots.
We traveled to the Ft. Worth area to visit Grandma Pat and Granddad Dan.
We're super-human, so after returning home from Ft. Worth, we decided to visit Great Granny and Great Grandpa in East Texas!
Cousin K1 prayed for cousins, so now she gets to feed them! :-)
Uncle Steven with Logan and Timpa with Nathan.
Nathan meeting and loving cousin Lyndsi! (Who happens to be a senior and the top of her graduating class! So proud of her!)

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