Lilypie - Fourth Birthday

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Our grocery shopping went well today. I carried Logan in the Baby Bjorn and Nathan stayed in his infant carrier on the shopping cart. Logan eventually fell asleep. Nathan stayed awake and was pretty content most of the time. We got a lot of intrigued looks, I overheard several comments about "2 babies/twins!", and I had a few conversations with interested shoppers. Silly me, I thought these looks, comments, and conversations from when I was GIGANTO pregnant with them would stop after the were born. Wrong! We had a good day! :-)

This is a Baby Bjorn.


Kathy Morisette said...

Great to hear you did so well today!
So cold outside were brave and you all were troopers!

Continued shopping successes,


TwinsanityMom said...

Awesome!! You are doing a great job and twin mommy role just great! Be prepared those questions and comments will never end. :)