Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Most of you already know that my dad, Tim, was diagnosed with prostate cancer last year. He underwent radiation treatments and is now clear of prostate cancer. His recovery went quite well. Dad is very active. He plays tennis many days a week. He works on restoring his Volkswagens very frequently, and is usually always found busy stringing tennis rackets, working on the yard, visiting with friends, etc. His doctor said that he is a great candidate to be a poster-patient for prostate radiation treatments & recovery. We are so thankful to God that he came through that time of prostate cancer so well!

A few weeks ago Dad had some pain in his upper side that was really bothering him. Dad is very pro-active in his health and felt it necessary to visit his doctor about the pain. I think Dad was pretty sure that it was a muscle pain, since he had been working pretty hard lifting a lot in the shop while working on a VW, but he wanted to be sure. Doc gave him some meds - muscle relaxer, I think - and took an X-ray.

Some days passed since the X-ray. Doc informed Dad that he detected a spot on his lung in the X-ray. He wanted Dad to come back for a CT scan. (Dad, I'm not sure if I am getting the details exactly right. I expect that you will correct me promptly!) The results from that scan came back the same day revealing that Dad has some spots/masses not only on his lung, but also on his liver and lymph nodes.

Doc wanted to peruse these spots without delay. He had Dad back the next day for blood and scheduled a biopsy that was taken from his liver yesterday. We now wait for the biopsy results that should be revealed in a couple of days.

We are all concerned, but optimistic and trusting in an expected miracle (thank you Rene) for Dad. We all believe that God is in complete control and will always do what's right for his children, no matter what that may be. We all would greatly appreciate your prayers for Dad's health, and for his peace of mind.

I will update with more information as I learn it.


Anonymous said...

Nat, you have had a week! Glad you got the glucose test behind you. And then such sweet extras to visit. We are thankful that Tim has God on his side and we will believe in that miracle! That is a great picture...the one seared on my brain right now is Kayla with her head on his arm and his head on top of Kayla's. He has too many memories to make for that miracle not to happen. We love you ALL! Foy and Mary Sue

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Anonymous said...

Great picture. Tim you are in my prayers. Expecting a miracle.

Mary Alice